//The prominent historian Jusuf Buxhovi lectured at the University of Tetova

The prominent historian Jusuf Buxhovi lectured at the University of Tetova

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JJusuf Buxhovi, a prominent writer and historian from the Republic of Kosovo, today visited the University of Tetova. He was received by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, accompanied by Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Prof. Dr. Ibish Kadriu, Rector’s Office Head, Doc. Dr. Faton Shabani. At this meeting, Rector Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti congratulated the historian from Kosovo for the valuable intellectual contribution in the service of the advancement of the general processes that take place in the nationwide area, for publishing a series of important works for Albanian historiography, with special emphasis on the capital work “Kosovo” published in eight volumes. The Rector informed Jusuf Buxhovi for all the stages of development of the University of Tetova and the rich educational and scientific activity that is conducted in this institution of higher education in Albanian language in our country. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Rector of UT, to Jusuf Buxhovi bestowed the portrait of the founder and first Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani.
During his stay at the University of Tetova, Jusuf Buxhovi promoted Volumes VI, VII and VIII of his capital work “Kosovo” as well as held a lecture titled: “The position of Albanians in Macedonia seen from the historical, ethnic and political point of view, from antiquity until today”. Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani, highly appreciated the work of the author, who according to him has done a lot and in the right way, and in this aspect he reminds us of Noli and other scholars who have been involved in many fields and in each of them they have been excellent. While the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, in front of the students and professors that were present in this promotion, presented the biography of the journalist, writer and historian from the Republic of Kosovo. “Jusuf Buxhovi was born in Peja on August 4, 1946. He finished his primary and secondary school in Gjakova. In 1968, he graduated from the University of Prishtina, at the Department of Albanian Language and Literature. In 1979, he finished his postgraduate studies at the Department of History of the University of Prishtina, on the topic of “Albanian League of Prizren in German Documents”. The journalist’s career started in “Rilindja” newspaper in Prishtina in 1967, initially as a journalist of culture, and later as its editor in chief. From 1976 until 2000 he was the permanent correspondent of “Rilindja” newspaper accredited in Bonn, Germany. While from 2000-2008, in addition to literary activity, he was engaged in historiography research in German archives. Since 2008 he lives and works in Prishtina. For years, with his work of a prominent writer and a rare historian, Jusuf Buxhovi has made a distinctive name not only in Albanian culture” said Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani.
Its editor, Ramadan Musliu, described the book “Kosovo” as a capital project of Kosovo’s history. Meanwhile, Jusuf Buxhovi said that he feels happy to be in Tetovo, respectively at the University of Tetova, for two very important issues. First, the University of Tetova is one of the most important Albanian universities, as the history of this University is linked to the cultural and spiritual identity of the Albanians of Macedonia.
“I feel honored for being part of you, especially for seeing more women, as this shows that emancipation in this environment is at the right level. In fro of the media, I also spoke about the founder of this university, professor Fadil Sulejmani, who is among the most important, not only intellectual but also political, protagonists, who, in the most important days when the greatest deflections took place in Kosovo, Macedonia, and other ex-Yugoslavian countries, in circumstances when Kosovo was under threat for many years, Macedonia was an oasis which ensured that this issue wouldn’t affect the whole Albanian world.
In such circumstances, the political spectrum of Kosovo, decided that the position of Macedonia shall be declared as unfavorable, but wouldn’t allow for the crisis to spread out, and this was the reason for recognizing Macedonia statehood, and in these circumstances, what’s more important, is the determination to found the University of Tetova, which in a way reflected the organization of the parallel state in Kosovo, which enabled the positioning of the Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia” stated professor Jusuf Buxhovi. Further in his speech, he thanked the hosts for their hospitality, and stated that the book focuses on Macedonia quite thoroughly, such as in the conflict in Macedonia and the endeavors of Albanians to retrieve their positions as a subject in an environment where it was denied even by the constitution of 1991, and the developments that took place in the following ten years. His lecture on the topic: “The place of Albanians in Macedonia, viewed from the historical, ethnical, and political point of view, since antiquity to the present day”, drew the attention of the students of different academic disciplines, of the academic staff and renown activists of the Albanian cause.
Throughout the 46 years of his working career, Jusuf Buxhovi has published 40 important literary and historical works, including story books, novels, dramas, books about literary insights as well as journalism works, and of course, the pearls of the Albanian historiography, which are of a unique importance.