Among the great pain that has affected all of us as a result of the catastrophic earthquake that shattered Albania and all the Albanian people, let us find the right spiritual strength to congratulate each other on this national day on the occasion of November 28th – of Albanian Flag and Independence Day. History has told us that our nation has always been united under the Red and Black Flag, as we came together this November to overcome the severe consequences of the earthquake that shattered Albania. Today is no place for celebration, but today is the day we must not forget the sacrifice of the nation’s patriots who declared Albania’s Independence and raised the Red and Black Flag in our heroic Vlora. It is our duty to commemorate their heroic and incessant struggle for national liberation, a war that filled the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Albanian people expressed their unwavering willingness to be free at all costs in their ethnic lands. The proclamation of independence was not the act of a particular group of patriots, it was the decision of a national assembly convened in Vlora, attended by personalities from different regions of Albania. Albanian Flag and Independence Day in general has become a sign of our national independence, it has become a part of the pride of Albanians wherever they are. With my appeal for solidarity with our brothers in Albania, wishing that the nation would no longer be tempted with adversity, I wish you all a happy November 28- Albanian Flag and Independence Day!
Rector of the University of Tetova,
Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti