//The University of Tetova continues its educational cooperation with the international mobility program Erasmus Plus

The University of Tetova continues its educational cooperation with the international mobility program Erasmus Plus

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The University of Tetova, despite the Covid-19global pandemic, continues its activity and maximum care for students. Like before, online lectures have been conducted and several other educational and scientific activities have been organized through online communication, our University is also engaged in maintaining constant contact with students who are in mobility and pursue their studies in various international universities, within mobility programs.

The Office for International Cooperation takes care of the successful progress of this cooperation, with the host universities of our students and continues with regular contacts for the progress of their teaching process in the host universities.

The students of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition of the University of Tetova, Gentrit Rushiti, Fatbardha Tërstena and Kaltrina Sejdiu continue their studies this semester at the Universities of Turkey, within the Erasmus Plus program.

Our students, through a short video talk about their experiences within the Erasmus program, the opportunities and benefits it brings. “This semester, together with my colleagues, we are exchange students of the Erasmus Plus program, selected by the University of Tetova. Thanks to the genuine cooperation of the University of Tetova and European Universities we are on the campus of Sabahatin Zaim University, in Istanbul, Turkey. Considering that our management needs a special commitment in the interconnection of theoretical-practical lessons, where we have already trained both of them thanks to the serious work of professors, assistants and all the academic staff of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, and thanks to the laboratory conditions of the University of Tetova, but to further strengthen these skills, the Erasmus Plus program is an adequate solution”, says Gentrit Rushiti.

Student Fatbardha Tërstena says that the Erasmus Plus program is a very good opportunity for all those who want to expand their knowledge. “The Erasmus program aims to modernize education systems and adapt them to the needs of the labor market, in a world of ever-changing. If you choose to be part of the Erasmus Program, then you will benefit from an unforgettable experience. The opportunity to learn foreign languages, the opportunity to get to know different cultures, where all these, in addition to professional skills, will serve you to develop social skills. To benefit from the Erasmus program you must have a high average, while the financial part is taken care of by the program itself. Depending on the universities you choose, you will have many educational-social activities “, stressed among others Fatbardha Tërstena.

While the student Kaltirna Sejdiu, in her message has called on the graduates to continue their studies at the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition of the University of Tetova. “For all those graduates who want to be future students, the doors of the University of Tetova are open. Among the many choices offered by this University is the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition. In this regard you will be directly involved in the processes of food processing, food control, food analysis, professional practice, as well as various educational-academic visits. Each of these is an important link in the life chain of each of us. Starting from nutrition three times a day, we see the importance of this field in one country and for all age groups of the population”, said Kaltrina Sejdiu.

Student Drita Shahini also expressed her experience within the Erasmus Plus program. “I want to thank the University of Tetova, which has enabled us to exchange for several semesters in different countries around the world. I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to Istanbul Yades Technical University through the Erasmus Plus program. My experience in Turkey is a bit if I say perfect, because there I not only expanded my student knowledge, but also had the opportunity to meet different people from around the world. The university where I was was part of one of the best universities in Turkey and not only in Istanbul, they possessed a highly trained staff, both professors and laboratories, which they possessed for various branches. I hope that the Erasmus Plus program will continue with its mission and as many students as possible to experience this experience, because they will never be disappointed”, added further Drita Shahini, student of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition UT.

Their undergraduate studies (one semester) in renowned universities, through this international education program, are attended by other students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Faculty Physical Culture.

All students of the University of Tetova, engaged in the Erasmus Plus program, so far have been exemplary. It is worth mentioning that the University of Tetova for the academic year 2019/2020 by the National Agency for European Education has approved 60 mobilities for students and 22 mobilities for academic and administrative staff. So far 22 students have used the Erasmus program during the winter semester (18 for studies and 4 for internships) and 24 students in the summer semester during the pandemic (22 for studies and 2 for internships). The exchange took place in various European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Spain, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.