The Student Parliament of the University of Tetova, in cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education of our University, organized several sports events in honor of the 242th anniversary of declaration of Independence of the United States of America.
The President of Student Parliament of the University of Tetova, Ms. Donika Kamberi, said that through these sports activities, University of Tetova is also joining the celebrations of the 4th of July, the Independence Day of the USA, the most loyal ally of the Albanian people. “The Student Parliament, in cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education, decided to celebrate this day in a special way, namely by organizing a beach volleyball game in honor of this day. It is worth pointing out that UT better than anyone else has adapted to the concept of “building bridges” in which the international factor has always counted”, said Donika Kamberi, President of the Student Parliament.
Professor of the Faculty of Physical Education, Asst. Prof. Laureta Abazi said that on every anniversary of the United States students play different games, and this year they have chosen to play beach volleyball. “The Faculty of Physical Education, just as last year, this year also took over to do sports activities for America’s Independence. These activities have been realized over the years in outdoor university’s sport fields, which we have available. Unlike the past years, when we played matches in futsal and basketball, this year we organized beach volleyball matches”, emphasized Asst. Prof. Laureta Abazi.
Two girls’ and two men’s teams participated in the beach volley games, while the participants in these competitions were also awarded certificates of recognition and trophies.