//UT students organized an improvised court session

UT students organized an improvised court session

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Students of Criminalistics Study Program of the Faculty of Law today organized an improvised court session on the topic of: “Misuse of official position and authorization” and “Misuse of financial means for the financing of election campaign”, the case of Ljube Boshkoski.Today’s student session was conducted under the leadership of Doc. Dr. Arta Bilalli – Zendeli. “The simulated case was chosen randomly, so it is about the case of the leader of the political party United for Macedonia, Ljube Boškoski. We have tried to present how the trial functioned and how the trial was conducted. In the end, students have sentenced him with six years in prison” – said Doc. Dr. Arta Bilalli-Zendeli.

The activity was welcomed by the Vice – Dean for Education, Doc. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli, who emphasized that besides the realization of practical, clinical learning, study visits in various state institutions within and outside Macedonia, our students at the same time are able to realize the practical aspect of the functioning of the institutions also, in this case the judicial system of our country.

With the same improvised court session, students of the Faculty of Law took first place in the competition organized by the OSCE in Shtip.