Students of study programs of third cycle studies – doctoral studies, registered in the academic years 2015/16 and 2016/17, in accordance with the structure of the third cycle studies as well as with the Regulation on conditions, criteria, registration rules and study in the third cycle – PhD studies at the University of Tetova, on 03.03.2018, presented the achievements in scientific research so far.

The committee made up of members of the university council of doctoral studies, mentors and professors of relevant scientific fields, who congratulated the public presentations, were satisfied with the results so far and the dedication of the third cycle students to their doctoral dissertations, while at the same time providing suggestions for further scientific work.

The presentations were public and were attended by a considerable number of students and professors. The doctoral conference was attended by students of these study programs: Kinesiology, Biomedicine, Language Science – German Studies, History of Institutions and the Rule of Law – History of State, International Relations and History of Diplomacy, Contemporary Political Systems, Economic Science – Finance, Marketing, Applied Economics and History of the Albanian People – Contemporary Periods and Biology-Biochemistry and Physiology.