//At the University of Tetova was marked World Food Day

At the University of Tetova was marked World Food Day

2021-10-20T14:47:19+00:00 October 20, 2021|

Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition of the University of Tetova marked the World Food Day. The Dean of this faculty, Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi, said that the manifestation of this day aims to raise public awareness on the importance of food and its role in the health of the individual. “It is the third year that we as a university and faculty, in cooperation with the Albiz Foundation, mark the World Food Day, a date that coincides with the formation of the World Food and Agriculture Organization, founded in 1945, and since 1981 every year is commemorated with different activities and with different mottos. This year the motto is “our actions are our future”. In a press release, FAO announces that: World Food Day has not been more critical than today, when more than three billion people, close to 40% of the world’s population, cannot afford a healthy diet. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, have brought about a new food crisis, with about 55 countries have entered a humanitarian emergency. Also, I suggest to the Ministry of Education and Science that the subject of nutrition to be included in school subjects”, – said the Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi.

The owner of the successful company Dauti Komerc, Mr. Xhemali Dauti, congratulated the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition for marking the World Food Day, emphasizing that the University of Tetova is a national and social asset, emphasizing the cooperation that they have and will have in the future. “We as a company in a 30-year retrospective have dealt with food and are supporters of staff capacity building. The main segment is food management from production to consumer. We need to focus on our company relationship with the faculty and students. We are always open for cooperation, for practical work. We have a diversification of our activities, where students what they learn in theory, can see it in practice, as in the part of food preparation, packaging, etc. We have the part of catering and preparation of ready food that is served, we have the other part where food is stored and managed. It is a good moment for students to come and see how it is done in practice. We are at the disposal of permanent cooperation, we can do also joint projects, you have at your disposal the Albiz foundation, the idea about consumer education, a longer-term and broader project” – said the owner of the company Dauti Komerc, Mr. Xhemali Dauti,

On honor of World Food Day were held two professional lectures. Through the online platform “Skype” Prof. Dr. Midhat Jašić, from the University of Tuzla, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lectured on the topic “Nutrition and Covid 19”.

Also was present the PhD Joncer Naibaho of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, who gave a lecture on the topic “Functional Foods”.