At the University of Tetova, the scientific group of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, under the leadership of the coordinator, Doc. Dr. Arbëresha Bexheti – Ferati today organized a panel discussion on the topic “Lung Cancer – Awareness Month”. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of our society about the risks, preventive measures and the recognition with relevant information by specialists in the field of medicine.
The event was attended by specialists in the relevant field, students, professors and representatives of civil society.
Part of this panel were: Dr. Spec. Arben Rexhepi – pulmonologist who presented the topic: “Challenges in the diagnosing of lung cancer, Dr. Spec. Visar Xhaferi – Specialist in thoracic surgery, who presented the topic: “The importance of lung cancer screening” and Ass. Dr. Learta Asani – specialist of pathology, who presented the topic: “Classification of malignant lung tumors according to the WHO”.
According to Dr. Spec. Visar Xhaferi, November is the month of lung cancer awareness. “Lung cancer is the cancer with the highest mortality of all cancers worldwide and normally that something more should be done this month to attract people’s attention on the issue of lung cancer,” said Dr. Spec. Visar Xhaferi – specialist in thoracic surgery.
Meanwhile, regarding the detection of lung cancer in early stage, Dr. Spec Visar Xhaferi said that there is an improvement, awareness, but he hopes that in North Macedonia, in addition to breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer, lung cancer screening is also widely performed.
“Out of the 10 cancers that  we detect in our clinic, nine of them are inoperable, i.e. so their work is over and you cannot be helped. Screening intends to diagnose cancer as soon as possible and as a result patient are treated and have more opportunities to live longer “, concluded the speech, Dr. Spec.Visar Xhaferi – specialist in thoracic surgery.
Our scientific group is committed through organizations of this level to inform the public, society in general with numerous risks that threaten us from various diseases. Our members, professors and students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences make a concrete contribution to social awareness by spreading materials – leaflets with professional information, organizing tribunes or discussion panels as it was the activity today dedicated to lung cancer and awareness against it, by not forgetting other events, such as marking important dates for medicine as a whole and which are also part of the annual calendar of the World Health Organization “- said, Doc. Dr. Arbëresha Bexheti-Ferati, coordinator of the scientific group of FMS.
The head of the scientific group at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Luiza Mehmedi, mentioned that this activity is very important, as it is related to one of the deadliest cancers in the world and that proper attention should be paid to it. “Today we organize a very important activity for our population, which is lung cancer – Lung Cancer Awareness Month. This is done for the awareness of the population, for the increase of knowledge, namely, how we should use preventive measures, protection against lung cancer.
What should we do, what we need to do to prevent lung cancer from spreading further “- said Luiza Mehmedi.
In this event also were discussed the factors that influence the spreading of lung cancer such as: smoking, genetics, uranium dust, asbestos or radon exposure, and developmental stages. Lung cancer originates in the lung tissue, the organs responsible for the respiratory tract. Cancer occurs when normal cells begin to divide out of control and form tumors. This event was concluded with an artistic program prepared by our students: Oreli and Olti Esati.