University of Tetova hosted the International Conference on topic: “The Effective Usage of Creative Art and Technology in Flower Cultivation and Marketing” within the project: “Art Blossom (Increasing Empowerment of Young Women by Innovative and Creative Artistic Flower Productions)” funded by the Erasmus + program. The project aims to create a common ground for the future of flower production policies.

Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi welcomed this initiative, emphasizing that the topic addressed in this conference is in the common interest as it has to do with the environment where we live. “You know that lately floriculture is a very important branch of development, not only for the economic part, which is very significant, but also for the creative part or the part of creating new landscapes. In the recent period, our country is one of the countries that stimulates such production. For us as a faculty in a very short time this is the fourth activity we carry out, but I hope it will not be the last for this year as we have another activity that has to do with announcing the results of honey competitions. I wish success to the speakers, and I hope that from this meeting to come up with conclusions that will be used as a reference point for the next conferences”, -said the Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi.

The coordinator of this conference and at the same time professor of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Doc. Dr. Erhan Sulejmani presented the paper “The flourishing of art – partners, main objective, intellectual results”. The general director of “European Plants”, Mrs. Vileke Roes, participated also in this activity, who presented the topic “Urban greenery, creative art and technology in plant cultivation”.

At the conference were presented also and other topics such as: “Presentation – instructions for creating the design of artistic vessels, information for young women producing flowers and traditional flower cultivation in practice and new innovative ways” by the project coordinator from Turkey, Dr. Sebahat Sheker, EU project specialist; “Control and national regulatory perspectives, regional diversifications, recommendations for the production of retail flowers” by Mr. Xhelal Nuredini, Ministry of Agriculture;  “Effective use of art and creative technology in flower cultivation” and “Online platforms, smart technologies including e-commerce, e-marketing, e-commerce and marketing” by Zoran Veskovski, General Manager of Kitka Garden – Skopje and “Health and plant diseases and the benefit of urban greenery “by Prof. Dr. Elmi Jusufi, Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, University of Tetova.

As a sign of gratitude, the Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi bestowed gratitude to the participants.