Today at the University of Tetova, representatives of the United States Embassy realized the presentation of the Fulbright Scholar Program. The representative of the US Embassy, Mr. Gazmend Ilazi, in front of the students and the academic staff of our University emphasized that this program is offered for every student and professor who has the will to attend various trainings in the United States of America that are realized within Fulbright Scholar.

He urged the students to apply as much as they can since the selection of candidates is very transparent and that the main condition is the knowledge of English language. “Today we present some programs in front of the students and professors of the University of Tetova. The first one is the Fulbright Program that offers two-year full Master’s studies for three student categories; students who are graduating from undergraduate studies, students who have enrolled in Master’s studies in Macedonia or elsewhere and students who have enrolled in PhD either in Macedonia or in another country and want to do Master’s or PhD thesis research. Today we also present the Humphrey Program, which offers professionalism of staff, e.g. journalists who want to benefit from this program and want to specialize either in investigative journalism or reporting journalism will have to attend a ten-month training in the United States of America to gain American experience by attending lectures by eminent journalism professors and in the end they will have practical work and will be able to work in a given media there. In addition we, offer the Global URGAD Program for the first and second year students of undergraduate studies and we offer one-semester studies in the United States” – said the representative of the US Embassy, Mr. Gazmend Ilazi.

United States Embassy calls on all students and professors to apply as much as possible for these programs, because as they said, with the increasing of the programs the number of scholarship awardees is increasing each year. All interested who wish to apply in these programs can click on,,, and