//At UT was debated about the Challenges of the Economic Development of the Tourist Destination Sunny Hill

At UT was debated about the Challenges of the Economic Development of the Tourist Destination Sunny Hill

2019-04-11T16:21:42+00:00 April 11, 2019|
“Challenges of the Economic Development of the Tourist Destination Sunny Hill” was the topic of today’s debate that took place at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tetova. The debate was declared opened by the vice-dean for science of the Faculty of Economics, Assistant Prof. Aida Yzeiri. According to her, although numerous strategies for tourism development at the national level have identified problems, quite complex difficulties, again the impression is that Sunny Hill practically is not treated at the proper level. “Today’s debate aims to move a step forward in identifying problems and does not intend to allocate guilt. Attention should be focused on identifying new and feasible alternatives to overcoming the difficulties and finding opportunities for the most efficient and above all more rational usage of what can actually offer Sunny Hill” –said Assistant Prof. Aida Yzeiri.
The Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr. Raman Ismaili, in this debate was focused on the main activities of the tourist destination Sunny Hill management, which should be mainly involved in planning and coordinating the activities of all tourism development participants, both private and public sector. “These activities should include tourism organizations and enterprises, the Tourism Promotion and Support Agency, the Municipality of Tetovo and the Ministry of Economy, through tourism development sectors as well as other participants. The key activities of these institutions should be oriented towards the realization of adequate tourist products, resource based services and attractions that offer more capacity for attracting tourists in Sunny Hill”, – said Prof. Dr. Raman Ismaili.
According to the professor of our University, Prof. Dr. Sali Zhaku, the tourist destination Sunny Hill, should be a driving force for the development of the area. Authorities should resolve property issues as soon as possible and invest in a productivity or feasibility study by the government, without the participation of subjects that are in conflict of interest. “Additionally, a strategic plan should be developed in the function of sustainable development and the choice of a development model, or the implementation of a model that is successful in another area with approximate features, including the development of a detailed urban plan, as well as construction of modern traffic infrastructure. Also we must consider putting into function the cable car and so on”, – said Prof. Dr. Sali Zhaku.
While Prof. Dr. Mislim Zendeli, by comparing the past and present of the tourist destination Sunny Hill, said that in the past this center was among the main winter sports destinations not only in the former Yugoslavia but also in the Balkans. “The hotel infrastructure, as well as the road is in a bad shape. The vast majority of accommodation capacities are half demolished and out of use. There is a lack of private investment resulting from property problems, even the few invested entities face ridiculous problems, such as mismanagement with waste, snow removal problems, lack of public lightening, lack of activation of the ski lift because they are amortized, lack of organization of transferring clients from hotels to a certain place and so on”, said Prof. Dr. Mislim Zendeli.
In this debate, their views on the economic development of the tourist destination Sunny Hill were also presented by the President of the Economic Chamber of Northwestern Macedonia, Nebi Hoxha, the director of ELEM Turs, Xhemaili Jusufi, businessman Ibrahim Dehari, representative of the non-governmental organization “Save the tourist destination Sunny Hill “, Hamdi Sulejmani, representative of the Ministry of Economy, Shovket Hazari, and professors of the University, Prof. Dr. Petrit Pollozhani and Prof. Dr. Etem Iseni.