High School graduates from country and beyond today attended in “Open Day” event which was organized at the University of Tetova.

Along with this activity, the Career Fair was organized in the University Square, where well-known companies presented their products. “Open Day” aims to familiarize high school graduates with the academic offer of the University, study programs, laboratories, facilities, conditions and numerous opportunities that the University offers.

Head of the Office of Education, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Neziri, said that after the successful completion of presentations in high schools, today University of Tetova organizes “Open Day”.

For all those interested, who want to observe more objectively, to see the University premises, faculties study programs, various laboratories, today have the opportunity through various activities with a rich agenda, faculties and students, staff and students are prepared to present to the graduates the entire academic offer, study programs which are currently active. This year, University of Tetova offers 89 study programs accredited in 2021 harmonized with the labor market, with the need of the labor market and harmonized with contemporary teaching-scientific developments. In the second cycle of studies there are a total of 94 study programs. So this year we have an increase in programs, a richer agenda and better opportunities for graduates. We encourage high school graduates to see, to meet with teachers, to be as close as possible to their wishes and ideas for the future. We encourage them to choose the right direction, the right profession, because for us that is most important thing.

The competition for this academic year plans approximately 3700 vacancies. Based on vacancies according to program accreditation. We are waiting for the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to approve the competitions, then announce and publish them online on the University website. It is also worth noting that high school graduates can use the electronic system of online application, to not have difficulties, they also can get acquainted with the documentation and required procedures. We are waiting, and we will see how the process will continue. Expectations are around 2000 students to enroll; although there are many different factors that can affect student’s enrollment, however, for us the quality of the directions that will be chosen is more important than their number said the head of the Office Education, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Neziri.

Head of the Office for Science and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Agon Memeti said that in the framework of organizing the “Open Day” which is mainly organized for high school graduates, the University of Tetova traditionally organizes the Career Fair, which is specifically for high school graduates and the business sector. In fact, those are the two main things which are the purpose of the work or functioning of our University. Our University, today it has opened its doors to many industries, including those fundamental industries such as food, pharmaceutical and other industries, which provide IT services, course services, training services, which are mainly from local companies or industries and not only. As University we are open for the entire business sector and at the same time encourage all the companies to come and orient themselves to the University of Tetova, whenever they need resources or capacities, whether human or other professional capacity stressed Head of the Office for Science and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Agon Memeti.

As a sign of gratitude, the President of the Senate, Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti, together with Vice Rector for Finance, Prof. Dr. Naser Raimi, representatives of companies participating in the fair were awarded gratitude.