In the premises of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Tetova was promoted the book “Parimology” by author Lulzim Selimi, a fourth year student of the Albanian Language and Literature Study Program. In the promotion of this book were present the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Berton Sulejmani, professors, students, friends and family members of the author.
The participants were addressed by a greeting speech of the dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Berton Sulejmani, who congratulated the student Lulzim Selimi for his work and dedication in the publication of this book. He stated: “Our faculty, in addition to the educational and scientific work, during the three study cycles, has been and still is the bearer of many important events at UT such as: the Albanology Seminar, the Conference of the Faculty of Philology, the journal of students “Pertej (Beyond)”, etc. But the academic staff has supported and will always support the initiatives of our students with all the capabilities we have. Therefore, this manifestation represents an excellent opportunity for the students”.
The book editor, Ass. prof. Emine Shabani, said that the author in this book has captured well-defined concepts about relationships between people. “Lulzim Selimi is part of this intellectual development, as a graduate of the Albanian Language and Literature Study Program of the University of Tetova. He is an essayist, who writes in different topics, topics that contain elements of social daily life, of interpersonal relationships, political and religious injustices, of today and the past, which he puts under the critical lens and boldly and logically elaborates on his essays “, emphasized ass. prof. Emine Shabani.
The author of the book, Lulzim Selimi, thanked the editor of the book, Ass. prof. Emine Shabani for the support and motivation she has given him in publishing his first book. He said that in the future he will continue to work in this direction, bringing to the reader other publications as well.