At the University of Tetova today was promoted the book “The 2001 conflict in the media focus” by journalist Bekim Adili.

This book was published within the 20th anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and deals with the armed conflict in the period January-July 2001 between the National Liberation Army and the state of North Macedonia. The book highlights the contribution of the Albanian print media in Macedonia with special emphasis on the newspapers Fakti, Flaka, the weekly magazine Lobi, the Kosovar and Macedonian media, which described the events that took place at that time.

According to the publicist Emin Azemi, the book of the journalist and intellectual Bekim Adili unravels the socio-political semantics of the time. “Today we are not just promoting a book, but we are also bringing attention of a time limit that redefined the forms of a new media discourse in the Albanian language here in Macedonia. The year 2001 not only brought a big change in the political and social plan of the state, but also restored a balance in the design of public opinion, by restoring the missing dignity and credibility of journalism in the Albanian language. Therefore, the book of the journalist and intellectual Bekim Adili “The conflict of 2001 in the media focus” as well as the journalistic production within it, should be seen in this diopter, because the time context and content dimension of this book seeks to give a picture of dynamic and dramatic scene where the developments of the day and the public effects that produced them, projected a new horizon of reception to the wider audience. In other words, the year 2001 was another historic opportunity for journalism to test itself with the professional courage and ethical and moral credibility to report on events that it had not taught in schools and courses “- said Mr. Emin Azemi.

The author of the book, Bekim Adili, said that the three main sources where his work in the field of media was focused were Gurra television, Radio Jeta in Chicago USA and the newspaper Fakti in Macedonia where he acted as a journalist and correspondent during 2001 from where in the form of an analysis of a written diary, today after 20 years from the Ohrid Agreement, is bringing the memory of our public the historical events that took place two decades ago. “Above all, I hope that this publication is valid for research institutes, educational institutions, libraries, and especially for the younger generations to have it as historical evidence. Orientation compass through which not only will they feel proud of their ancestors tomorrow, but to be continuously passed down from generation to generation in the form of a written testament for the journey they must follow in the fulfillment of our centuries-old aspirations. The new challenge, which was provided by the war of 2001 followed by the Ohrid Agreement, and is guaranteed by the signatures of three world decision-making bodies such as NATO, the USA and the EU, for which Albanians are eternally grateful. Unforgettable for our nation will be our martyrs, patriots, activists, fighters, men and women, the great idealists as well as our freedom-loving people, who became the arm of the leader of our new history, Mr. Ali Ahmeti, who with the model of his immortal wisdom, patriotism, sacrifices and state-building decisions, for the Albanian society and political class today and in the future must remain a great lesson from whom we have what to learn” – said on this occasion the author Bekim Adili.

Since this book was published on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, in the promotion also attended the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of North Macedonia, Mr. Artan Grubi.
Referring to the author’s work, he said that today we are promoting a publication that focuses on the conflict of 2001, a conflict which made us a great turn for the freedoms and rights of Albanians in the Republic of North Macedonia.
“The purpose of this book is that that part of our Albanian history, left in the shadows, to be clarified and known more and in the most documented way for and about the 2001 conflict for the media. The study of conflict is one of the most difficult topics to be researched and documented in books.
Approaching from the theoretical, critical and historiographical dimension, this period of modern Albanian history, and this publication aims to provide sufficient knowledge about this historical period which so far is untouched by history scholars. This is a publication that brings back to the citizens a glorious period of our nation that fights for its rights, after many publications of military or political character, seen by the media of the time. The study reflects the chronology of events and historical moments according to the media of that time, the position of the international factor, mainly the US, EU and OSCE through its representatives. Already after 20 years we have a political class that has taken on competitive governing responsibilities, a political class with political programs that express the necessary 20-year maturity from the Ohrid Agreement until today, where we are witnessing the trend of major state projects and national “- said Mr. Artan Grubi.In the promotion of this book was also shown a video reportage titled: The Epopee of the National Liberation Army in the media focus.

This activity was concluded with an artistic program by the professors of the Faculty of Arts, Besiana Memeti and Shkëlzen Baftijari.

In the end act. Rector of the University of Tetova Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, to the author of the book Mr. Bekim Adili and the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of North Macedonia, Mr. Artan Grubi bestowed to them a gift as a sign of respect and gratitude.