//At UT was promoted the book “The Territory of Silent War (Trends and New Geopolitical Dynamics in Southeast Europe)”

At UT was promoted the book “The Territory of Silent War (Trends and New Geopolitical Dynamics in Southeast Europe)”

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At the University of Tetova, on February 19, 2018, was promoted the book titled “The territory of silent war” (Trends and new geopolitical dynamics in southeast Europe”) by author Selim Ibraimi. On behalf of the University of Tetova, the participants in the promotion of this book were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi. He thanked the author Selim Ibrahimi, who has chosen University of Tetova to promote his work, which deals with geopolitical developments in southeast Europe, with particular emphasis on the Republic of Macedonia.

The reviewer, Prof. Dr. Fehari Ramadani said that the book titled “The territory of silent war (New geopolitical trends and dynamics in Southeastern Europe)” of the expert of international relations, MA Selim Ibraimi, is the result of his many years research on Balkan problems. “The material that the author offers us is an important contribution for a better recognition of unsolved issues in the Balkans. Many of the problems that some of the Balkan peoples today face, are inherited since the Ottoman era. The birth and development of nationalist feelings in different Balkan peoples and the ever-increasing spread of the idea of nation-states have led to rivalry and hostility among the various peoples for conquering foreign territories or attempts for assimilation or migration of “foreign people”.

The idea of creation of an ethnically pure state in different periods, starting from the 19th century up to the beginning of the 21st century, made the people who had the power in a given state, to fight with all the means members of other people. These acts caused conflicts and constant wars among Balkan peoples. The aims of the Balkan states (Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria) since the Balkan Wars (1912-1913) and onward were the displacement, assimilation, conversion or complete extermination of certain ethnic groups”, said Prof. Dr. Fehari Ramadani.

While the reviewer, Asst. PhD Jusuf Zejneli, estimated that in this work the author has made and outlook of American diplomacy towards the perspective of the Western Balkans. “MA Selim Ibrahimi has brought a new experience regarding the political system of the Republic of Macedonia from the point of view of the policies of the European Union and the United States of America, with particular emphasis on the challenges of multiethnic societies, including the prospects of the Western Balkans. In this regard, this study is based on many facts, arguments, concrete sources, which enrich his work”- said the reviewer Jusuf Zejneli.

While the author of the book, MA Selim Ibraimi, said that among the main topics he mentioned in this book are the coming into power of Donald Trump as US President, political developments in the Balkans, Russian interference and the Macedonian issue. “Also in this book is addressed the origin of the problem of Macedonia, respectively the name issue and how this problem will be solved in the future between the parties, i.e. between Skopje and Athens. Here the reader can find some proposals, models for a peaceful Balkans and no inter-ethnic conflicts. The Balkans has been the battlefield of great powers and regional powers, and certainly the desire for territories has been one of the national programs of Balkan governments in the past and the present day. So, even though we are in the 21st century, yet the Balkans is becoming a regional and global territory of interest”, said author Selim Ibraimi.

In this promotion, it was also noted that the work “The territory of silent war (New geopolitical trends and dynamics in southeast Europe)” will serve the students of international relations and researchers dealing with this issue. Also, the work in question will serve the public, who is interested in this problem.