The University of Tetova has become a popular institution for many lecturers of different profiles, both from the country and from the international arena. As a result of the signing of agreements and memorandums of cooperation with prestigious universities, research institutes and other institutions, in our University, before of our students, are already held lectures by eminent professors, public personalities who have held high state functions in the countries where they come from.
A figure of this level is also Stephen Herm, former prosecutor of Washington D.C, who on April 10, 2019 held a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Law on the topic: “Lawyers, law and justice”.
The former US prosecutor in his lecture focused on the practical aspects of law enforcement in the United States, where, according to him, almost the same role is devoted to the work of the court and in parallel to the work of law enforcement bodies such as the police and prosecution.
Stephen Herm’s lecture was followed with attention by the students of the Faculty of Law of our University, who asked some questions about the functioning of the US judicial system and sought his opinion on the situation and rule of law in North Macedonia.
The students of UT find such lectures useful for deepening their professional knowledge and for learning from the experience of leaders from countries with developed democracy.