//Letter of condolences – Mr. James Pardew

Letter of condolences – Mr. James Pardew

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Tetova, 07 June 2021

To:  Her Excellency, Kate Marie Byrnes

US Ambassador in North Macedonia


Letter of Condolence


We received with great sadness and heartfelt sorrow the news about the loss of the great diplomat, a true friend and our Doctor Honoris Causa, Mr. James W. Pardew.

On behalf of University of Tetova’s academic community and our studentswe extend our heartfelt sympathies and deepest condolences to his family, to the United States State Department and the American people. Mr. James W. Pardew was an extraordinary man and distinguished diplomat, who will always be remembered for his contribution to ensuring peace, coexistence and tolerance. His role in the Ohrid Framework Agreement is undoubtedly a true sign of a great negotiator and diplomat.

Our bond, with His Excellency Pardew grew over the years, as his Excellency would visit our University on multiple occasions. We enjoyed with great enthusiasm his lectures each time He would address our audience.

On the occasion of celebrating the 21st anniversary of the founding of the University of Tetova, in December 2015,we were honored to award Ambassador Pardew the title Doctor Honoris Causa, for his contribution to peace building in the Balkan region, with special emphasis on Kosovo and North Macedonia. It is a very special moment that we remember with great pride and gratitude.

His legacy will always be remembered by all the peace-loving people!

May his memory be eternal!



Prof. Dr. VullnetAmeti, Rector