In the ranking of Webometrics, the University of Tetova has climbed to the third position at the national level, while at the global level our University has increased by 1020 places.

In 2014, in the ranking of Webometrics, the University of Tetova, in the global level was in the position of 11344, while three years later, in 2017, there was an increase of 5334 places and maintained the position of 6000 in the global level, while the 7th position at the national level. The successes of the UT have continued, so in 2019 the University of Tetova has risen to 303 places, holding the position of 5679 worldwide. In the latest ranking published by Webometrics for 2021, the University of Tetova has had an increase of 1020 places, standing in the position of 4677 globally and in third place nationally.

Based on Webometrics data, it is noticed that in all other universities at the national level there has been a decrease of hundreds of positions. The ranking of universities in Webometrics is based on several criteria such as: scientific research, publications, number of students, as well as the content and dissemination of information from electronic sources by higher education institutions.

Webometrics is the most comprehensive ranking list of higher education institutions, in which are evaluated about 30 thousand universities from around the world and is considered one of the most important rankings, because it follows the trends of transformation of higher education with the support of technology communication and information.