Today at the University of Tetova was marked March 8th, the International Women’s Day. On this occasion, was held a tribune of musicology, with the motto “Women in culture”, supported by the Ministry of Culture of our country. The event was opened by the professor of the Faculty of Arts, Besiana Mehmedi, who expressed her gratitude to the leaders of the University of Tetova and the Ministry of Culture for the support they constantly give to women artists.
To the participants with welcoming speech addressed the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili. He said that the University of Tetova, in addition to marking other events, also the same importance is given to the March 8th and that we always mark it institutionally. “The idea of marking International Women’s Day was first born in the beginning of XX century, in a period of rapid industrialization and economic expansion, when protests were often organized due to difficult working conditions. On March 8th, 1857, women employed in the apparel and textile industry demonstrated in public in New York. Textile workers protested due to poor working conditions and low salaries. The demonstrations were dispersed by the police. Two months later, the same women founded the syndicate. On March 8th, protests were also organized in the following years. The most famous of them is the protest of 1908, when 15,000 women marched in New York demanding shorter working hours, better salaries and the right to vote “, emphasized the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili.

This manifestation was also greeted by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Valmir Aziri. He said that it is a pleasure that today Albanian artists from the Republic of North Macedonia make us proud all over the world. The opening of the University of Tetova in 1994 and the foundation of the Faculty of Arts created a new moment for Albanian artists in the Republic of North Macedonia. The war of 2000, just as it imposed the fair representation of Albanians in state institutions, inevitably created a parallel process of representation of Albanian women in institutions. Today, the Albanian woman is present in all segments of the executive and governance, she is a legitimate representative in the Parliament, in the academic circles, in the last 20 years has been done a lot of good work, but the challenges of the future are common and we will challenge together every obstacle and work together to eliminate any kind of injustice, until a non-discriminatory environment is created, and finally, I would like to congratulate you this marked day, and I wish you health and success in life “, said Valmir Aziri.

In this event, many well-known names of Albanian culture shared their life experiences, among who, the Albanian soprano Edit Mihali, the professor of musicology Zana Shuteriqi, the pianist Rudina Ciko, the actress from Struga Ilire Vinca, the Vice-Dean for science and Faculty of Arts, Associate Professor, Jëlldëz Asani, professor of the Faculty of Arts, Associate Professor, Arjana Koriu – Grubi, as well as the first Albanian female conductor in Macedonia Agona Çupi.

As part of this event,  was conducted an artistic program, where performed many artists: Besiana Mehmedi, Pranvera Hoxha, Alba Muçolli, Nita Grubi, Zana Zumeri and Flamure Abdullahu.
For the panelists and artists participating in this activity, the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, as a sign of respect for their contribution bestowed a gratitude, while to other women participating in this event were bestowed flowers.