Summer School 2022, continued today with the planned program where lectures and workshops were held by renowned experts, university lecturers and civil society representatives. The third day of Summer School began with a lecture by the representative of the Fulbright International Program, Professor of Political Science, Christopher Dolan.

In front of the students he presented the topic of reforms in the judiciary and civil society. Professor Dolan stressed that this Summer School is of special importance, especially when it comes to young people as an important community, which promises a lot for the future of this country. He congratulated the organizers of this event and as he said, in the time of this social apathy that is gripping us more, these organizations bring young people closer to an ideal.

Also today, the director of the Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication of the University of Tetova- Northern Illinois University, MSc. Donika Kamberi, lectured on topic “Peace building, and the rule of law in post-conflict societies”, where she presented the study of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, as neighboring countries that share a common past and history consequences of war conflicts. Meanwhile, in the second part, she held a workshop, in which she asked the participants to share ideas, attitudes, opinions and recommendations for lawmakers, recommendations which will be included in the report that will be published by the Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication of the University of Tetova- Northern Illinois University.

Another lecturer that today had a meeting with the participants of the Summer School 2022, was also a university professor, former ambassador of North Macedonia in China and Poland, Prof. Dr. Fatmir Xheladini. He spoke about the negotiation process and the transparency of the European Union institutions.

Today proceedings were concluded with a lecture by Professor Tatum James, who presented a very current topic, such as: “Detection of fake news and misinformation.” She instructed young people, as the main users of social platforms, not to fall prey to fake news and not to spread the same without confirming their source.

Summer School 2022, will continue its work according to the program and dynamics of lectures, debates and other recreational activities.