The Dean of the College of Business of Northern Illinois University, Prof. Dr. Rajagopalan Balaji, on November 29, 2018, held a professional lecture at the University of Tetova, on the topic of “Digital Transformation”. He initially shortly conceived the US model of presentation, by making his lecture more attractive for students. According to him, digital transformation all over the world have made a huge step forward, offering many opportunities and great relief in all segments of life and that the digitalization has become a major driver of change and advancement of society. He said that through technological development, today people are almost turning digital, starting from the fact that digitization is growing rapidly every day and that innovations in digital technology continue forward. He further added that the future belongs to digitalization, as through this technology people will find easier to move the processes forward and to significantly advance in their careers.
Prof. Dr. Rajagopalan Balaji encouraged the students to have as much access as possible to these technologies and at the same time called them to be part of the process of major changes occurring in the world through technological developments. He appealed to our students to visit the Northern Illinois University in the future and be part of this university by studying in one of the study programs.
He also told the students that the Northern Illinois University has established a strategic partnership in the Balkans with the University of Tetova and they already manage the joint study program for Business Administration in the second cycle of studies, which is a very good opportunity for anyone that wants to continue the studies in this area.