//Student Parliament of the UTdistributed brochures to visitors who frequent the green spaces every day

Student Parliament of the UTdistributed brochures to visitors who frequent the green spaces every day

2021-05-12T15:34:24+00:00 May 12, 2021|

For many citizens of Tetovo and beyond, the green spaces of the campus of the University of Tetova remain the most frequented place during the weekends. As a result of investments made in infrastructure – outdoor facilities, where parks dominate, the University of Tetova before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic became the most visited educational – tourist destination. Primary schools, high schools, kindergartens, sports clubs and other institutions from our country, are just a part of the list of visitors who have “enjoyed” the unique facilities of this institution of higher education in the Albanian language.

From the large number of visitors that has increased significantly in recent days, the Student Parliament of the University of Tetova this weekend distributed brochures with the message “University of Tetova, everyone’s home”. The brochures contain information on the care and importance to be given to green spaces, sports fields, water fountains, park seating’s and numerous parks. The Park of the University of Tetova is our common space, and it is the most beautiful part of the city where the beauty of nature and the maintenance of the human hand are combined. In any part of the day, citizens regardless of age can use the spaces of this park. A morning run, a few moments of relaxation during lunch in the shade of the “twin trees”, the evening walks and walks in the pines of the “book park”, the moments of freshness accompanied by the rustling of the water fountain in the middle of the greenery, give to this park the liveliness and warmth of a second home for citizens, at all times.

By distributing brochures to visitors, students call on us to take care of the green spaces of UT as well as our homes, as the Park of the UT is the common place of all who unite us and enjoy all the beauties of his, without differentiation. “Plenty of water, park seating’s located throughout the space, garbage bins present in almost every corner only make it easier for us to maintain the park and take care of it. Let the greenery and colorful flowers to be the place where our eyes rest and not the place where our feet ruthlessly tread. With our care for nature let us give examples to the younger generations who come with you and make friends of their age that joint engagement gives better results and that as they play today, tomorrow their children will play in that place, always if we take care of it and do not harm it”.

The distribution of these brochures aims at preserving and maintaining the outdoor spaces of UT by every visitor as it is the place with the most greenery and the most frequented in the city. Visitors are also satisfied with the opportunity to spend part of their time at UT, especially during the holidays, where maintenance and cleanliness are up to standard.