The first year students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Tetova, today, conducted an impromptu court session on the topic: “The role of the family in political socialization and criminal sanctions in the judicial system, consequences and challenges”.
The organizer of this session, Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani, stated that this impromptu hearing is organized to prove the factual situation of how the judiciary adjudicates different cases, on a political and national basis. “Today, first-year students of the Faculty of Law, with the completion of the semester in the subject of Roman Law, the lessons learned within this semester, today they will prove in practice the factual situation of how the judiciary makes the judgments in the Republic of North Macedonia on political, national, as well as ethnical basis, where on one hand the justice hammers the Albanians, while caresses the Macedonians.
With this demonstration, we insist on presenting the factual situation, because what students receive during theoretical learning, in practice, something always happens in reverse, in which case we also identify corruption, because it is one of the basic elements in the Roman Empire when corruption existed, and only when corruption disappeared the empire succeed. Macedonia, too, is a victim of corruption, although ethically simple, but its meaning derives from the Latin word “corrupere”, which means, to destroy, to ruin everything that is in the public interest. We will always be where the justice is, and also where the justice of the Albanian community is, because even today, when I’m making this statement, the prisons of North Macedonia are full of Albanians. Unfortunately, we have always had Albanian justice ministers, but they have never responded fairly. Also, I appeal once again for those special cases where we have life imprisonment, because there are indications in the public that they are framed or not practically proven”, stated Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani.
This activity was also welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Qebir Avziu, who thanked the participants for the participation and emphasized that such organizations are always welcome because they serve the justice.
This impromptu public hearing aimed at raising the voice against the restriction, endangerment and criminal sanctions on political, group and ethnic basis in the justice system in the Republic of North Macedonia.