Students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Tetova in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Tetova are involved in the process of vaccination against Covid-19 of the population of Polog. The vaccination center in Tetovo is assisted by a total of 23 graduates of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, who will help vaccination of citizens. They have responded positively to the request of the Ministry of Health for voluntary action to vaccinate the population. Students that participate are graduates of study programs of General Medicine and Pharmacy and their interest in the progress of this process is extremely great.

Dean of this faculty, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Elezi, said that the Faculty of Medical Sciences will maintain constant contact with the Ministry of Health and will monitor step by step the vaccination process. “At the moment, this vaccination center set up here in the sports hall of the Medical High School in Tetovo has the capacity to vaccinate up to 1500 people per day, while we as a faculty participate with 23 students. If necessary, our Faculty has the capacity to increase the number of students and to respond to any request from the authorities regarding the vaccination process. I say this because in this center are expected to be vaccinated all citizens of Polog, which includes Tetovo and Gostivar and the surrounding area and there is a possibility that Kicevo will be included in this point. We, as the Faculty of Medical Sciences, will be fully available to coordinate future activities with the Ministry of Health and other authorities. ” – said Prof. Dr. Nevzat Elezi

Vice-Dean for Education of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Doc. Dr. Nexhibe Nuhii, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the lives of children and young people. According to her, immunization will be an important step towards recovery, including safe and complete access to vital services. “Vaccines against COVID-19 offer hope, but even after the vaccines will be available, we will have to respect preventive measures, such as physical distance, masks and ventilation, while hand hygiene should continue to be maintained even after vaccination. Disease prevention is better than therapy. Vaccination is a public good that helps our society, protects the health of the population, and saves people’s lives”, – said Doc. Dr Nexhibe Nuhii.

The right to be vaccinated can be exercised only by those citizens who have previously set a deadline for vaccination through the doctor.