Students of the Faculty of Pedagogy, together with some professors of this academic unit of the University of Tetova, visited the Republic of Albania a few days ago. The Dean of this faculty, Prof. Dr. Lulzim Mehmedi emphasized that visits of this nature are part of the plans and program of teaching-scientific work that is realized during an academic year at our University.

“We, as faculties, are engaged to develop and implement the annual curriculum of educational and scientific activity as we have foreseen. The last visit to the Republic of Albania was part of this program, while the visit was conducted with the purpose that our students get acquainted with educational institutions, historical monuments and their role in preserving our cultural values “, said Prof. Dr. Lulzim Mehmedi.

He also said that the institutions of education, science, cultural heritage objects and works of art are tourist attractions, especially for students who see them not only as tourist destinations, but also see them as a researchers.

The study visit of the Faculty of Pedagogy in Albania, made by the students and their teachers was considered very successful, especially for its itinerary, in the Museum of Normal of Elbasan, which in the period 1942-1945 has made a great contribution for the opening of schools with teaching in the Albanian language in North Macedonia and Kosovo, then in the Castle of Elbasan, the Castle of Tirana and in some institutions in the city of Durrës, which as a whole represent cultural values, bearers of historical memory and our national identity.