//The Faculty of Law at UT debated on fake news and the risk they cause

The Faculty of Law at UT debated on fake news and the risk they cause

2019-04-23T14:17:59+00:00 April 23, 2019|
The Faculty of Law of the University of Tetova, i.e. the Debating Club, today organized a debate on “Fake Profiles – Fake News, their impact and risk”. This debate was held after the visits made by the Debate Club in Tetova’s high schools, where topics that are in the general interest were debated.
The coordinator of the Debating Club, Prof. Dr. Drita Mamuti Fazlija said that during the debates that were organized previously in high schools, the principals were very cooperative, and the students were very interested in debating on certain topics. This is a barometer that indicates we should continue with activities like that.
“The aim of the Debating Club since its establishment has been to strengthen institutional cooperation between the University of Tetova, namely the Law Faculty and the high schools. We have started this initiative since March and today we have invited all the high schools at the University of Tetova, and in cooperation with the school directorates we have assigned a common topic for the debate, which I believe is very necessary to be discussed, “stated Prof. Dr. Drita Mahmuti Fazlija.
Regarding the topic of the debate, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Qebir Avziu, said that holding debates, aimed at addressing and discussing problems that originate on social networks and fake profiles, and distribution of fake ‘news’, is immediate. We put such phenomena up for a debate so that we can approach them competently, scientifically, and examine the possibilities of eliminating the phenomena that pose a real problem for our society.
Meanwhile, Doc. Dr. Bekim Maksuti noted that the topic being debated is one of the most current and most challenging problems that increasingly affects our society. “Fake news pose a challenge to us all, perhaps a bigger challenge for the institutions and media which try to do their job well, while maintaining their independence, but on the other hand, being fought by the those who are called fake news producers. In this regard, I would appeal to all people to be vigilant and to avoid the pitfalls of the fake news phenomenon, ” said Doc. Dr. Bekim Maksuti.
Debates, roundtables, scientific conferences and some other events are important activities that are organized professionally by the University of Tetova and its academic units.