//The monograph “Macedonia from antiquity to our time” was promoted at the University of Tetova

The monograph “Macedonia from antiquity to our time” was promoted at the University of Tetova

2019-06-15T14:45:20+00:00 June 14, 2019|
The work titled “Macedonia from Antiquity to Our Time” by author Jusuf Buxhovi was promoted today at the University of Tetova. This work is a voluminous monographic study that supports the concept that Macedonia, from antiquity, the Middle Ages, to our time, is part of the Illyrian – Dardan world. Before the audience Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani revealed details of the rich life and work of the writer and the historian Jusuf Buxhovi. He praised the author as a proven personality in many areas of knowledge, now even beyond the Albanian areas. “The creation of Jusuf Buxhov is vast and important to our culture. He is a journalist, publicist and author of a large number of literary and scientific works. This makes the author special and raises him to the level of the colossus of Albanian knowledge, “said Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani.
While the editor of this work, Ramadan Musliu said that the work comes precisely at a historic moment when the redefinition the ethnic identities takes place, but also that of the state, of the Albanians in the today called North Macedonia.” The author, with a methodological approach already identifiable, as a broad synthesis of knowledge and information for respective periods, has built a critical and reassessing system of the historical process, addressing Macedonia in two main planes: in the correlation ancient Macedonia, as a monarchy and as a global world empire, with the present North Macedonia, as a political invention in an ethnically modified territory, and as a second reference plan is the pursuit of the ethnic continuity of the Macedonian space from antiquity to the present day, a continuity which favors the indigenous population, namely the Albanian one. ”
The author of the work, Jusuf Buxhovi, said that with this book he wanted to correlate some things that turn the historical reality towards antiquity, where Macedonia, Dardania and Epirus are part of the historical trinity, which fortunately, up to the present day, preserve those ethnic population-setting configurations. “It is up to the Albanians of Macedonia, to return Macedonia as their part, to treat it as part of their history, and to ignore aberrations of the hegemonistic schools. It is up to the Albanian politicians, to Macedonia’s intelligentsia in general, to preserve this state as equal, where Albanians will be a state-constituent nation “, emphasized among other things Jusuf Buxhovi. While the studier Besir Bajrami evaluated highly this monography, especially for the scientific resources that the author has used in its preparation. After the capital work “Kosova”, which the famous historian promoted during November of last year, this was the next book promoted by Jusuf Buxhovi at the University of Tetova.