//The University of Tetova commemorated the Academician Fehmi Agani

The University of Tetova commemorated the Academician Fehmi Agani

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The Department of Sociology of the University of Tetova, through an organization of the Sociologists’ Club “Fehmi Agani”, joined today the marking of the 20th anniversary of the death of the distinguished professor of sociology, Prof. Dr. Fehmi Agani. Today, two decades have passed since the murdering of the philosopher, sociologist, political scientist and Albanian academician Fehmi Agani, who has left indelible traces not only on the state-building of Kosovo but also on the Albanian issue in general.
The Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Ibish Kadri, highly regarded the figure of the sociologist Fehmi Agani. According to him, Agani is ranked as one of the greatest Albanian intellectuals, while at the University of Prishtina, Agani made a great contribution for the educational and scientific knowledge enhancement in the young generations from all Albanian areas. Kadriu stated that “Fehmi Agani is remembered as a conscious professor who managed to create friendly relations with students and colleagues. He used to explain issues of sociological importance and to provide suggestions from practical and geopolitical life”.
The Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Abdylnaser Sinani, at the same time initiator of the founding of the “Sociologists’ Club” at UT, said that the scientific and concrete work of Fehmi Agani was grandiose and no matter how much it is discussed about it, is still insufficient. Prof. Dr. Abdylnaser Sinani stated that “Fehmi Agani will always be among the professors who also made a fundamental contribution to the nationwide politics, and on his ideas rely today’s state building of Kosovo, as well as the successful sociological flows of Albanians in general”.
The first, second and third year students of the Sociology major at the University of Tetova presented their views on the three volumes of Fehmi Agani. The first volume, “In the course of sociological thinking”, was elaborated by the students Mirjeta Jusufi and Blerina Imeri. The second volume, “Democracy, Nation, Self-determination” was discussed by the second year students, Rina Jusufi and Anila Kaziu, while the third volume “Interviews, feedback ” was discussed by the third year student, Kujtime Zeqiri. The senior of the sociology major, Jeton Fazlia, spoke about the biography of Professor Fehmi Agani.
The Sociologists’ Club “Fehmi Agani” in honor of this anniversary awarded with gratitude certificates for their contribution in the field of sociology and motivation of students, the professors of the department of sociology.