//University of Tetova and “Kadri Zeka” University continue the excellent cooperation

University of Tetova and “Kadri Zeka” University continue the excellent cooperation

2019-03-22T11:15:48+00:00 March 22, 2019|
A delegation of “Kadri Zeka” University from Gjilan, Republic of Kosovo, headed by the Rector Prof. Dr. Bajram Kosumi, on March 19, 2019, visited the University of Tetova, where they were met by the Rector Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti and his staff. This meeting held between the leaders of the two universities was of a friendly character and many issues were discussed, which are related to recent developments in both universities, their activity so far and the challenges that await them in future. They also stressed that the current cooperation between the two universities has been on the level and that it should continue between our two higher education institutions in the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of North Macedonia in order to facilitate the movement of teachers’ and the students also. Special emphasis was also placed on the joint organization and participation in seminars, courses, conferences and various research projects of international character.
Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, said that besides cooperation with many international universities, our University also pays special importance to cooperation with Albanian-speaking universities from the country, Albania and Kosovo, paying close attention to the mutual exchange of academic staff, students and exchange of mutual educational and scientific information.
Whereas the Rector of “Kadri Zeka” University from Gjilan, Prof. Dr. Bajram Kosumi, thanked the Rector Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti and his staff for the hospitality as well as the fair co-operation they have shown so far. Among other things, he added that “Kardi Zeka” University as a new university needs the experiences of the University of Tetova both in the educational and scientific activity, but also in the inter-institutional cooperation with other universities from the country, region and the world.
After the meeting, the two rectors exchanged gifts between them and jointly visited several laboratories: the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, the laboratory of chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the construction laboratory at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The University of Tetova and “Kadri Zeka” University have for the first time signed a cooperation agreement in May 2015.