A delegation from Uludağ University from the Republic of Turkey, on November 3, 2021, visited the University of Tetova. The Turkish delegation was led by Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. İrfan Kiriştioğlu, accompanied by the coordinator for cooperation with university projects (Mevlana, Erasmus +), Prof. Dr. Başak Aydem Çiftçioğlu, Secretary General, Osman Dikmen and Head of Administration for Foreign Students, Bülent Albayrak. They initially held a joint working meeting with the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Prof.Dr. Ibish Kadriu, head of ECTS and head of the doctoral office, Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti and the teachers of Oriental Philology, Prof. Dr. Sulejman Baki and Doc.Dr. Zejni Mazllami.

Vice-Rector for International Relations of UT Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu first thanked the guests for their visit to our university and briefly presented the journey of our university over the years from the time of its foundation in 1994 until today. He pointed out that our university has already become an important center of higher education in the Albanian language in our Republic. In addition, Vice-Rector Shehu said that in addition to the teaching-scientific process, the University of Tetova cooperates with many universities from the Republic of Turkey, including Uludağ University, as one of the largest and most important universities. He further added that there is a need to deepen this cooperation, primarily in the field of student exchange through Erasmus + and joint academic projects, which would help not only students but also academic staff.

While the Vice-Rector of Uludağ University, Prof. Dr. İrfan Kiriştioğlu, thanked the leader of the University for the hospitality and correctness they have shown so far in the joint activities and projects that our two universities have conducted in the field of education, but also that of scientific research. Among other things, he said that Uludağ University wants to continue the cooperation with UT in the future and together to implement many projects which will be welcomed by students and at the same time will give them many opportunities in achieving goals and their professional formation.

As a sign of respect and gratitude, Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu, to the guests bestowed a plaque and some of the special journals of scientific journals published by the academic units of the University of Tetova. Afterwards, the delegation of Uludağ University visited the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy, where they were received by the Dean Prof. Dr. Ibish Kadriu and the head of the study program of Oriental Philology, Prof. Dr. Adnan Ismaili.