In honor of May 5 – the Martyrs’ Day of the Nation, the University of Tetova today paid homage to the monument “The Beacon of remembrance” located on the campus of the University.

In front of this historical monument in which the names of the torchbearers of Albanian education and the activists of our national cause have been immortalized, the Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, accompanied by senators, deans of faculties and professors, in honor of the wreaths laid flowers to remember the heroism, the unbreakable ideal against persecution, imprisonment and anathema.

We are here today in front of the monument “The Beacon of remembrance” that through homage to mark the Martyrs’ Day of the Nation. The martyrs of the nation, even though they are not among us, they unite us through their work and their will. Today, all together, we bring back to our memory the incomparable heroism, but at the same time we commemorate their sufferings, the invincible ideal, against persecution, imprisonment, and anathema by the former system. The organization of memorial activities for these patriots who made history, although it represents a modest contribution to their work, we believe that it remains the only way to immortalize their names in our nationwide history”- said the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

He also said that the martyrs of the nation are those in front of whom we bow with the greatest respect, because they were the martyrs who enabled the realization of the ideals of previous generations and of all of us.

Martyrs’ Day marks one of the brightest dates in our memory. It marks the most important dates of our glorious past, of the great turning points of our nation.