University of Tetova, through the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, this year also marked October 16 – World Food Day. This faculty, in cooperation with the Albiz Foundation, on this occasion have distributed several food packages to the families in need.

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition for this year has reduced the activities to mark this day.

Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Xhezahir Idrizi said that marking this day aims to raise the public awareness on the importance of food and its role in the health of the individual. He also expressed gratitude to the Albiz Foundation, which has been a supporter of many families in need for years. He also appealed to citizens to be as careful as possible and not to misuse food.

According to him, today in the world, but also in our country, there are many families who face food shortages, but there are also many families who have food surpluses.

World Food Day has been celebrated since 1981, every year, and dates to 1945, when in the city of Quebec, Canada, several states come together and form the agency, or World Food Organization (WHO).