//“University of Tetova” Women’s Volleyball Club won against “Goce Delcev University” Volleyball Club

“University of Tetova” Women’s Volleyball Club won against “Goce Delcev University” Volleyball Club

2018-11-20T17:04:44+00:00 November 20, 2018|
Women’s Volleyball Club “University of Tetova” continues the competition in the first women’s volleyball league in Macedonia even in this year. Students of the University of Tetova this year played five rounds and were ranked the eighth in the table.
Manager of “University of Tetova” volleyball club Laureta Abazi says this year the club has undergone a major change, because the team consists of girls who have graduated from the Volleyball School of the University of Tetova, because there is a lack of players from the last season’s team. She is optimistic that in the upcoming matches her team will be able to get improved even more and win the following matches. “We started this season with completely new players, which come from our volleyball school and normally the success is lacking, considering that almost all of the first formation from the last season is missing. This season, from 5 rounds played, we have four losses and one victory. We are far away from last year’s success and it will be a problem to get into the four top teams that are playing in the playoffs, but we will make our best to qualify in the playoffs. The championship was difficult and so was the draft. In the first round we played with Rabotnichki Skopje and Rabotnicki Women, as well as with Nakovski Volley, teams that were reinforced in the transitional period and are contenders for the title. I hope that in the next rounds, we will perform much better, because the first setter of the team has returned after a long injury and now I believe that we are more completed and we will try to be ranked higher in the table” – emphasized the Manager of “University of Tetova” volleyball club, Laureta Abazi.
“University of Tetova” Women’s Volleyball Club will play the next match within the 6th week of the championship in Tetovo against the “Makedonija Maksi” Volleyball Club. “University of Tetova” volleyball club hopes that it will win this match.