On March 30-31, 2022, the University of Tetova organized the Training event for Capacity Development Support(CDS), on the topic: “Social Entrepreneurship & Diversity and Inclusion”, in collaboration with the Aurora CDS Task Team at Palacky University (UP) and Vrije University of Amsterdam (VU).

This event is part of a series of six awareness and training sessions, organized in the framework of Aurora CDS Programme. The aim of these event is twofold;

1) strengthen the capacity of the Aurora associate partner universities in key innovative domains of internationalization and social engagement; and

2) support them in establishing regional hubs for sharing best practices emerging from the experiences of the Aurora Alliance and the broader CDS Network.

The solemn opening of the training event did the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu, who appreciated the fact that this training has brought together more than 80 professors, university administrators and higher education policy experts from nine countries and affects on two important concepts, which are very connected to values and history of our institution.“Social entrepreneurship training is expected to provide important learning outcomes and experiences, increasing participants’ knowledge and understanding of how students and professors can create solutions that directly address social issues. The University of Tetova has helped to change the national narrative, how to address interethnic division, and has put inclusion and diversity at the top of its pyramid of values. “Through this path we have become pioneers in creating a culture of diversity awareness, a culture that reflects the values of tolerance, respect for diversity and inclusion in our comprehensive strategy,” said Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu.”
Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Aurora Network, Anne-May Janssen, pointed out that the aim of the Aurora network is to revolutionize European higher education, helping to create universities of the future, promoting at the same time European values and identity. “The Aurora Alliance includes nine universities in Europe.“Its vision and mission is to equip graduated students with the mentality, skills and necessarycompetencies, so that when they leave the university auditorium to have all the necessary tools to address the great social challenges”, emphasized Anne -May Janssen.

Whereas  Selma Porobic, from Palacky University of the Czech Republic, said that one of the important programs of the Aurora Network is to help universities in their development, not only academically, but also research, educational, as well as in the field of international cooperation.
According to her, this means that universities need to improve, to become even better and adapt to all the social changes that occur, as it was for example the pandemic.
Sabina Di Prima from Vrije University of Amsterdam and Tereza Kalouskova from Palacky University, during the disclosure of the program expressed that Aurora is not just a project on the table, it is a direct project, which is already proceed and that they are ready for cooperation between participants and the universities they represent.

In this Training event  Aurora CDS experts in the respective fields participated, such as Kai Hockerts – Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Besides to the above-mentioned professor, Ruard Ganzevoort also participated in this training event, who is a professor of practical theology and dean of the Interfaith and Interdisciplinary Faculty of Religion and Theology at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. Professors Ondřej Kročil and Jaroslava Kubátová also presented their presentations.