The Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition of the University of Tetova, in cooperation with the Associations “City of Bees” and “Honey of Polog”, from September 15 to October 15 will organize international competitions for honey quality “Tetovo Honey Awards”.

This activity aims to promote high quality honey, in every aspect of the spectrum of its use and consumption, as well as to promote knowledge on the special value and healthy nutritional properties of honey for new consumers.

International competitions for honey quality “Tetovo Honey Awards” will include the awarding of several prizes, such as: Gold Medal; Silver medal; Bronze medal and the “Golden Bee” Award. The “Tetovo Honey Awards” competition committees can decide on other prizes for extremely specific occasions.

Organoleptic tests of honey will be done on October 31 and November 1, 2020, while laboratory tests will be done after November 2 and will last approximately two weeks.

The necessary condition for participation in this competition is that the applicant possesses an official number registered as a beekeeper in his country and the honey that will be sent to the competition belongs to the harvest during the years 2019/2020. External physical influence is strictly forbidden, and honey must be sent in its natural form. It is also permissible to send crystallized honey and honeycombs.

For more information, all those interested who want to be part of these competitions should contact the Associations “City of Bees” and “Honey of Polog”.