//UT carried out the XIII International Seminar of Albanology

UT carried out the XIII International Seminar of Albanology

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“Language, Literature and Identity”, was the central theme of the XIII International Seminar of Albanology, which conducted its work from 25 to 26.09.2019 at the University of Tetova. More than 100 scholars of language, literature, history, ethnology, journalism, and others, during the two days of this seminar, presented their scientific papers on specific topics over the new scientific developments.
The Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani, at the opening of the seminar, asserted that all scientific references, debates, and opinions that are expected to be presented in the framework of this work’s program, will bring to light important scientific values. “We assess that the Seminar of Albanology, as a scientific institution, is successfully carrying out its mission, by gathering and attracting the attention of eminent Albanology scholars from our country, the region, Europe, and the United States of America. Through the years’ engagement of this seminar’s directorate, the latter has strengthened its collaboration with prominent scholars, becoming a model of interconnection with linguists, literature authors, historians, ethnologists, and other scholars of Albanian science and culture. On this occasion, we express our gratitude to the directorate and its members, but also to the Ministry of Culture of our country, which supports our cultural projects, such as the Seminar of Albanology, as well as other projects of the faculties, professors, and students of the University of Tetova ”. , said Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani.
The Minister of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, Ass. Prof. Hysni Ismaili, referring to the importance of the seminar, said that for the Albanians in North Macedonia, the development of Albanology is not only a scientific issue but also an identity and cultural one. “A nation that has a state university and manages to create a traditional scientific event of this magnitude, testifies to its seriousness and its committed presence in this geographical and academic arena. In this way, our Tetova and our University prove that, just like in Prishtina and Tirana, the Albanian language is equally developed among the Albanians of Macedonia ”, said the Minister Hysni Ismaili.
The director of the Seminar of Albanology, Prof. Dr. Salajdin Saliu, said that this year the Seminar is organized in five scientific sessions – history, media, ethno-culture, literature and linguistics. “The history session covers topics such as: Albanians and Europe – Albanians in diplomatic reports in chroniclers’ and travelers’ notes, while the media session discusses the media and fake news, media culture, and the role of public media. In the ethno-cultural session, the key topic is: “The other in the Albanian and Balkan culture”, while in the literature and linguistics session are covered topics of literature, historiography, identity, and dialects, as linguistic wealth “, emphasized Prof. Dr. Salajdin Saliu.
The following works were inaugurated in the framework of this seminar: “Syntax of Albanian Language (syntactic components)”, “Prepositions of the Standard Albanian Language” of the author Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çeliku, and translated works: “The Language of Albanians or Skipetars” by Xylander 1835, and “History and Language of Albanians and Vlachs”, by Thunmann 1774, translated into Albanian by Professors Albert Gjoka and Frida Voskopola Gjoka.