Professors and students of the study program of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Tetova, today through a manifestation marked the 23rd of April– The International Day of English Language.
Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Berton Sulejmani, during his speech said that this day also corresponds with the International Book Day and the 403rd anniversary of the death of two colossi of world literature, Shakespeare in England and the Servantes in Spain. “The Manifestation of the Department of English Language and Literature is specially organized to mark this important date of the English language as a world language, as a language taught and understood mostly in the world, and often known also with the epithets:” the language of education, science, diplomacy and trade “.
It is no coincidence that the English Language today is used as the second official language in many countries of the world and the region. Our faculty, besides the educational and scientific work performed in the three cycles of study, has been and is also the bearer of many important UT events such as: Seminar of Albanology, Conference of the Faculty of Philology, Student magazine “Përtej”, etc. The engagement of the academic staff has always supported and will support the initiatives of our students with all the capacity that we have. Therefore, this event presents an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate in front of the audience what they have learned and in this way to promote themselves, our faculty and university”,- said Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Berton Sulejmani.
In this event, students of English Language and Literature under the guidance of the Head of study program, Assistant Prof. Remzije Nuhiu and other professors in front of the participants testified their creative abilities by presenting parts of Britain’s history and culture, poetry, monologues, tales, essays, and speeches of well known British personalities.
At the end, the Vice-Rector for Education of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, handed certificates of appreciation to the students who presented in this event.