Within the Congress of Natural, Health and Technological Sciences, organized by the University of Tetova, the Faculty of Medical Sciences organized the IV International Scientific Conference where a large number of researchers participated from the country, region and the world. In this conference were presented scientific papers about recent developments of medicine, and new scientific contributions were analyzed. In addition, the conference was enriched with the realization of two scientific workshops.
For the students of the medical sciences a workshop on “Basic life support – automated external defibrillation BLS – AED” was conducted, under the guidance of Ass. Prof. Basri Lenjani and Ass. Prof. Agron Dogjani. This workshop involved a training with 3 hours of lectures and 5 hours of practical demonstration. During this time the students were trained and acquired the necessary skills for BLS – AED; external massage, airway opening and artificial rescue breathing in accordance with the recommendations of the RKP – AHA – ECR 2015, by applying the standard of AED use in Europe and the world. It included the care of people with lost consciousness, ways of rescuing cases with blocked airways due to foreign bodies, bleeding and methods of stopping bleeding, first aid to the injured, by recognizing all kinds of injuries and their care at the level of first aid. Particular attention was paid to the techniques of training, lifting and transporting the injured: with a single rescuer or more, without equipment and with the use of standard or improvised means of transport, and the mobilization of the injured. Upon completion of the training program, all trainees attending the training were awarded certificates of acquired skills in applying BLS – AED measures, which aims to equip the health care professionals, doctors, students, nurses and the non-medical staff, with skills for life-threatening cases.
The other workshop was held with students of the Dentistry study program, who, for four days, attended a course on the “Principles, Diagnostics and Implant Planning, and Implant-Prosthetics therapy”, led by Prof. Ass. Jetmire Alimani – Jakupi and Dr. Danco Bizevski. During this workshop the participants worked and analyzed the basics of oral surgery, the head and neck anatomy, sterilization, conditions of sepsis and antisepsis; the practical part of the workshop included patient simulation, operating on animal jaws, placement of implants, prosthetic planning, implant placement in the jaw, placement of gingival former, making implant impressions.
The dentistry workshop ended with the follow up of direct surgical interventions, implantation into the mandible, placement of temporary abutments, and making impressions in the definitive prosthetic construction. The participants in this course were awarded certificates for acquired skills in this training.