//UT promoted the generation of graduates of the academic year 2018/2019

UT promoted the generation of graduates of the academic year 2018/2019

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The University of Tetova, with a solemn ceremony, on June 8, 2019, in the Rectorate Square, promoted the generation of graduates of the academic year 2018/2019. In the presence of the high management of the University of Tetova, the parents and family members, friends, as well as a large number of figures from the academic, political, intellectual and social life, the graduates of the University of Tetova marked their graduation in the most magnificent way.
The first speech during this ceremony was held by the Speaker of the Student Parliament of the University of Tetova, Islam Imeri, who congratulated the graduates for their professional achievement, and encouraged them to further pursue the academic path, as it is the only way to guarantee competitiveness and comparison with the world’s most advanced countries. “I wholeheartedly state that we should feel pride to have studied at our University, in this temple built with blood and great sacrifice, as indicated by its glorious history. This institution was born out of the ardent desire of our education-loving people, born out of the desire to see the present and the future, to see this army of knowledge that has successfully crowned its mission of education. The hardships, the systematic obstacles of the former state apparatus, failed to diminish the will of the Albanian people, and today, their unprecedented sacrifice to realize the most important project that the Albanians of North Macedonia have, sees God’s light, sees the growth and development of the University of Tetova, so, how can we not preserve and appreciate this extraordinary national value, ” said Islam Imeri.
After the Speaker of the Students’ Parliament, the graduates, their parents and other participants were addressed also by the Speaker of the Republic of North Macedonia’s Assembly, Talat Xhaferi. As he stated, the academic challenge of each one of the graduates does not end today and here, but it opens up many new challenges for each of them to deal boldly with in the future, in their professions. “Dear graduates, allow me on my behalf and that of the Parliament of North Macedonia to congratulate the graduating students, who perhaps, in their first thought, think they have finished their academic journey, but fortunately, I believe they are aware, that they are now paving a new path for their bright academic future. Dear students, after this initial academic challenge, the challenges in your life do not end here. In the future, you will face a variety of life challenges, so be curious and be brave enough to face, with your heads up high, every challenge ahead of you. To do that, you have the intellectual potential and most importantly, you have the support of your parents, brothers and sisters, as they have supported you this far, so be brave in our shared bright future,” noted Talat Xhaferi.
More than 1000 graduates from the University of Tetova, including doctors and nurses, dentists and pharmacists, obstetricians and physiotherapists, pedagogues and philosophers, sociologists and political scientists, journalists and lawyers, linguists and economists, technologists and architects, athletes and artists, painters and sculptors, informaticians and mathematicians, geographers and historians, philosophers and psychologists, as well as many others, were solemnly awarded with certificates, signed and delivered by the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.
This festive ceremony for the promotion of the graduates of the University of Tetova was enriched further with the speeches of two excellent graduates with high grade point average. The excellent graduate of the Pedagogical Faculty, Majmire Ramadani, said that the achievement of every graduate, who is today among us, is the merit of our parents, therefore, each of us in the future must contribute to their professions to help families and the whole society in our country. “Since their foundation, universities have stood in the midst of the desire to seek the truth and the sensitive desire for practical teaching, preparation for life and work. The university’s development determines the overall development of society. The university is our guide which shows us the light that is needed to walk through the darkness of life. Dear colleagues, let us not forget that we owe to our country, our people and our families, so we must pay off this debt in the best form, each of us giving the utmost contribution in our professions “- stressed Majmire Ramadani.
While the graduate from the Faculty of Philology, Slavica Milosevska, said that this event is the crowning of each student’s work over the years. She also expressed her gratitude for evaluating her, honoring her entire efforts and engagement during the study period. “I am very excited to be honored by the University of Tetova, which has highly esteemed my many years of work. This short journey in my life enriched me with knowledge, precious experience and many friendships, which I will remember for a long time. From today, with every decision we make, we will make our parents proud. We should believe in ourselves, so that we can achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams, “said Slavica Milosevska, wishing success to everyone in Albanian, with the words “do not fear any obstacles, since you can make it”.
The graduation ceremony was addressed by the Rector of the University of Tetova, who before addressing the graduates and attendees at the Rectorate Square, honored the families of martyrs and the most sublime sacrifice of our nation in generations. “Honorable Families of National Martyrs, dear graduates, respected parents, participants and guests, on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Tetova, in the educational and scientific activity of our institution, June 8, 2019, marks the long-awaited day of over 1000 of our students – doctors, engineers, historians, pedagogues, psychologists, lawyers, economists and linguists of the future, who solemnly today conclude one of the most beautiful periods of their life and together with their parents, families and professors, celebrate for their common success. Your presence in this important event for our graduates is an honor and a privilege for the University of Tetova, since the academic world and the entire society are today with eyes turned to your loved ones, who were also our dearest for four years. We all know that the path to knowledge has never been easy, since if it were so, your sacrifice as parents and the efforts of your children would not be experienced as deeply as we are experiencing it together today, you and us. But the feeling of the meritorious triumph always comes after the committing work, after sleepless nights and after the days spent in search of knowledge. This university, which our nation rightly calls the house of light and wisdom, through its titanic work, the rich educational-scientific activity, has become, for the young generations from the ethnic Albanian lands in our country and beyond, the temple of education and nationwide progress, but the progress of our students has been and continues to be an achievement over achievements and success over successes. You have entrusted this University with the future of your most precious ones, and we have found in them the hope of a whole nation, by raising knowledge to the highest pedestal and defeating the ignorance and obscurity of many centuries. Our graduates and Your children, with their graduation at the University of Tetova, are the greatest proof of the seriousness of this institution, which with all its capabilities and possibilities, aims at the collective progress in the world of science and aspires towards a bright future for these names, who will sooner or later be heard as success stories, in even bigger audiences than today’s one, “said the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.
He further added before the graduates: “You are completing your chapter of life that for many students before and after you will be the happiest and most decisive one in the career years that await you and for which we hope and believe that it will be filled with successes, making proud also the University of Tetova – the home that brought you knowledge. As a Rector of the University of Tetova, I am fully confident in your ability to start a professional career. Some of you will continue their education in the second and third cycle of studies, and among you we also see the future professors of this institution, who will continue the successful tradition of our current University staff, who have inspired and motivated many of you throughout your studies at this University. You, as many hundreds of thousands of young people before you, chose to study at the University of Tetova, successfully followed the path of education, and thus became the most vital part, the symbolism, and the most magnificent expression that gives life to our University, which day by day, thanks to everyone, is rising to a university of local and regional importance. But you surely are aware that challenges and difficulties in the world of science will not end with getting a university degree. Instead, it is a long way to go and perhaps a bumpy one, but we believe in the power of knowledge that has been provided by this University and we believe in your awareness, raised by this University, that your success should be built with work and dedication, will and perseverance, with clear goals which would make both, you and us, proud. Thank you all for these beautiful years we passed together and let me tell you that we are experiencing this great moment just as you and your honorable parents, who sacrificed and contributed to the common future of this society, of this University, which, with you on the lead, cannot be other than bright and inspirational for the generations to come. Finally, in my name and on behalf of the University of Tetova, I convey wholehearted congratulations to all of you who have honored us today, on this solemn day and in this mutual joy of successful completion of the academic year 2018/2019. Blessed be you with knowledge and success! May God bless the University of Tetova!” Thus ended the speech of the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.
The most beautiful part of this ceremony was the cap throwing moment by the graduates of all academic units of our University. In the end, the former student of the Faculty of Arts at UT, Elita Ziberi, and Selami Kolonja, a professor at the latter faculty, performed with their songs for all the participants, on the square of the University of Tetova.