The Student Parliament of the University of Tetova joined the International Peace Youth Group (GIRP – IPYG) from South Korea, becoming thus a part of the ‘Peace Walk’ project.
Students from all faculties of the University of Tetova marched together on the University campus, giving messages for peace in the world and its preservation. Through this march they aimed to sensitize people for the importance of peace and that it should dominate everywhere in the world.
The Speaker of the Student Parliament, Islam Imeri, thanked all students for their readiness to contribute to various activities that are of interest not only to them but also to the society in general.
He also said that a significant number of students have participated in the peace march, demonstrating once again their commitment to supporting peace, each one contributing in different ways, and showing that only through peace, any form of violence or conflict can be eliminated.
The Peace march for students ended in front of the Center for Peace and Trans-cultural Management of the University of Tetova.