The Faculty of Physical Education of the University of Tetova, in cooperation with several elementary schools in the city of Tetova, from October 24, 2019, began the implementation of the project in support of children with autism. This project was developed by the Project Management Office of the UT and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Northern Macedonia. This project aims to socialize children with autism in society so that they will feel equal to others. The coordinator of this project, Prof. Dr. Metin Dalipi hopes that within four months, as long as the project is expected to last, he and his team will make the utmost effort within this period of time to encourage autistic children to play sports and dance. “The aim is to develop the feeling in autistic children for learning folk dance from the Republic of Northern Macedonia. This project is implemented under the motto “we can dance and play sports”,that is welcomed by parents, especially children, we hope that together we will succeed in the end, by making these children feel equal among other children”, said Prof. Dr. Metin Dalipi. He also appealed to all parents who have children with autism to attend this project and send their children to these activities, which will take place in various elementary schools in Tetovo.