University of Tetova, with a solemn academy organized by the Faculty of Philosophy, marked November 28 – the Independence and the National Flag Day. This historic date brings to mind the path traveled over the years and centuries by our patriots who devotedly worked and sacrificed everything for the Red and Black Flag.

On marking of this anniversary participated the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti, President of the Senate, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, General Secretary, Adem Beadini, Vice-Rector for Education, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Neziri, Vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Dr. Agon Memeti, Vice-Rector for Finance, Prof. Dr. Faton Shabani, Vice- Rector for International Relations, Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu, deans of faculties, professors and students.

Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Prof. Dr. Ibish Kadriu said that the purpose of this manifestation is for us to recall the outstanding personalities of the Albanian nation, the past, to think about the present and work for the future.

Meanwhile, the statement dedicated to Independence Day was presented by the Prof. Dr. Zeqirja Rexhepi, who said that our ideal of freedom and dreams for our common Motherland has been followed by nationwide resistance, although this path was full of difficulties. “Albania’s independence has been always a historical dream, since the time of George, the stoic George, when he spoke about freedom in front of the arboretums in Krujë, as an oracle prediction, as a divine promise that not even centuries would undo. For five centuries of ruler ship and administration by the Ottoman Empire, the Albanian people seemed to have been integrated into the culture of the East, despite this fact, the Albanian Renaissance of the time were very clear that the future of this nation belongs to the Western – European World. Their conviction about the surest process of political formation was: “The sun for Albanians rises in the West”. In this direction, sometime before the declaration of independence, many actions of nationwide movements were undertaken, such as: the opening of Albanian schools, the creation of the Albanian alphabet with Latin letters, the publication of textbooks, “abetare” and grammar, with the great desire to return Albania in an enlightened school, because only a nation with culture knows how to form and maintain a state”, said Prof. Dr. Zeqirja Rexhepi.

Further, he added that history does not allow forgetting the events, which are numerous. Every return to the past of our nation reminds us of the calvaries that caused us for centuries, all those who do not take the freedom of others as sacred. “However, the past of our people, despite the difficulties and injustices, stands above the glory – in no corner of the Balkan and European history, not a single hegemonic tendency of the freedom-loving Albanian people can be discovered. In search of our FREEDOM, we Albanians never drew up projects to bleed the freedom of others. Albanian historiography writes the history of the nation with glory, but Slavo-Serbian historiography cannot do this either, which camouflages the serious crimes of the genocidal policy against Albanians. We Albanians are freedom-loving, although we do not completely forget the malice towards us, we continue proudly towards peace, because only peace ensures well-being and stability in the Balkans and in Europe, while the Albanian people have created space for development in all spheres of social life, for contributed with his values in the arena of European and world civilization. Today, all of us are free to make a spiritual call: a nation lives for an ideal – that of National Union! Albanians, wherever you are, Happy November 28!” concluded his statement Prof. Dr. Zeqirja Rexhepi.

This event concluded with a rich artistic program. Initially, Jetmir Mehmedi and Benjamin Menga performed an instrumental performance, while afterwards, the Choir of the Faculty of Arts performed a musical performance under the direction of Premtim Etemi.