At the University of Tetova, today, on April 2, 2020, the candidate Mr. Sc. Salihe Salihu, successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled: “Sovereignty and legitimacy of the state in Kosovo”.
The PhD defense was conducted through the online platform Google Meet, based on Article 3 of the Decree with force of Law for the implementation of the Law on Higher Education during the state of emergency (Official Journal of the Republic of North Macedonia, No. 76, on March 24, 3, 2020), while all interested parties were enabled to follow up with a preliminary presentation at the e-mail address:

The Commission composed of: Prof. Dr.Prof. Dr. Fehari Ramadani – chairman, members- Prof. Dr. Fatmire Lumani,Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami,Prof. Dr. Jusuf Zeneli, Prof. Dr. Drita Fazlija, and the mentor -Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela, highly praised the thesis and the work of the candidate during her PhD studies, emphasizing in particular her commitment and seriousness.
Mr. Sc. Salihe Salihu, born on February 4, 1967, has finished her first cycle studies in two study programs in Political Science at the Lund University, as well as International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Malmö University.
In 2003 defended her Master thesis in Political Science at the Lund University, with te topic: “Disintegration of Yugoslavia” and also received Master degree at the Malmö University in the module of International Migration and Ethnic Relations.
She has been engaged as a lecturer by the World Univeristy Service at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Political Science, in the subject Gender Equality (2004-2007); in Folkhögskola in Malmö – Sweden for the subject Social Sciences (2007) and Human Rights and International Conventions ”(2012), as well as in several colleges in the Republic of Kosovo.
The leaders of the University of Tetova, in addition to strictly adhering to the recommendations of the WHO and the country’s authorities against the spread of Covid-19, take maximum care that the overall activity of the University not to be affected, especially the interest of students in all cycles of studies. Today’s defense of the doctoral dissertation proves that UT, even through alternative forms of IT, has the necessary capacities in the management of the teaching-scientific process.