//At the University of Tetova, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics marked the World Water Day

At the University of Tetova, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics marked the World Water Day

2018-06-23T17:32:23+00:00 March 23, 2018|
The University of Tetova, respectively the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, on March 22, World Water Day organized a workshop with professors and students of this faculty. During this workshop several lectures devoted to nature, and in particular the specific aspects of drinking water, took place. Special emphasis was put on water in cities, water quality and water reserves and so on.

At the opening of this workshop, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Fauzi Skenderi, said that the marking of March 22nd – World Water Day, is organized for the first time at the University of Tetova. According to him, by organizing this event, this temple of knowledge is marked on the map of institutions that support the UN initiative. “The World Water Day is an extraordinary initiative by which we all work together highlight the fact that water is the most fundamental and most important thing for all mankind. The topic of for this year is: “Nature for Water”, exploring nature-based solutions and how we can overcome the water challenges we face in the 21st century”, said Prof. Dr. Fauzi Skenderi.

Vice-dean for Science of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Doc. Dr. Arianit Reka said that this workshop is organized in order to raise awareness of the challenges and problems with water, which are serious and very disturbing. “Each of us should take control of the situation if we want a healthy future. Being an environmental lawyer requires dedication. Being an environmental lawyer is a full-time job, starting from home, carried elsewhere. Therefore, I wish the lecturers to promote the curiosity about what we as faculty can do about environmental issues, beginning with the methods of determining the water quality and being an environmental activist. If not us, who? If not now, when?”- added among others. Doc. Dr. Arianit Reka.

Secretary of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, as well coordinator of the realization of this workshop, Hatixhe Bajrami, thanked all the professors and students who have given strong support to the realization of this workshop, because as it is said water is fundamental and symbol of life. “I am very confident that marking the World Water Day is just the beginning of projects and activities that will be realized by our Faculty. Water is the fundamental right of every individual, guaranteed and ensured by the constitution, the fundamental need and symbol of life, purity, clarity that unfortunately is increasingly misused by us humans, like any other resource. Therefore, we are more aware that our behaviors reflect on our lives and future generations”- said Hatixhe Bajrami.

For the first time the World Water Day was marked on 22.03.1993. This day is marked with a view to attracting attention to the care for drinking water and in order to appeal to everyone to help with the administration and management of water resources.