//At the University of Tetova was marked 7th March – Teacher’s Day and 8th March International Women’s Day

At the University of Tetova was marked 7th March – Teacher’s Day and 8th March International Women’s Day

2020-03-11T16:46:06+00:00 March 11, 2020|
The Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Tetova, with an academic celebration marked March 7th, the Albanian Education and School Day, known as Teacher’s Day, and 8 March – International Women’s Day. Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Fadbi Osmani, thanked the participants for participating in the event, by congratulating them the aforementioned holidays. “Education is facing many challenges and we are convinced by this extraordinary conviction that we must continue to follow the innovations in education so that the quality of education can be further enhanced. There are needed further reforms and new technologies in order for the school to acquire the physiognomy of an even stronger organization, because education is above all. Education is the one that moves society forward, and on this occasion, we analyze the historical past and at the same time ascertain the present. But by analyzing the past and the present, we try to project the future of education. With the efforts of everyone involved in the realization of the educational process, we will move forward towards achieving the major goals”, – said Prof. Dr. Fadbi Osmani.
Meanwhile the professor Rabije Murati stated that we should work in that direction to have a more professional teaching stuff as possible, because that is the only way we can have an educated society. “We are all witnesses for the role of the teacher in the education of young people, so we must always be careful about what professors we will have in the future and whether those professors will have professional values so that they can elevate society to a higher level. This will help not only young people, but the whole society as well, to have greater development and a better educated society”- said Prof. Dr. Rabije Murati.
The March 7th – Teacher’s Day event was also marked by a panel discussion on “Albanian Education – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, where they presented their views, Prof. Dr. Xheladin Murati, Prof. Dr. Rabije Murati, Ahmed Qazimi and Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Fadbi Osmani.
In today’s manifestation program special attention was paid to the March 8th – International Women’s Day. The occasional speech devoted to this date was held by the Professor, Asst. Prof. Dr.Besa Dogani. She said that the woman with her delicacy and tenderness is the only creature qualified to give life to her children, to offer her love, care and education. “From mother will depend the direction that will take the nation, because the mother depends how it will look the woman and the man of tomorrow. I do not believe there is a mother in the world who does not want the best for her children. I don’t believe that there is a woman who doesn’t want to see her people prosperous, developed and happy; I don’t believe that there is an Albanian mother, especially in Macedonia, who sleeps comfortably, by not remembering the next day, for the fate of her family and nation. Finally, they know better, they were the ones who made the heart stone and followed their loved ones in the battle of the founding the University of Tetova, the future of the Albanian people”- said Professors, Asst. Prof. Dr.Besa Dogani.
In honor of March 8th – International Women’s Day, to all women present in the event were given flowers.