//At the University of Tetova was promoted the book “Berisha’s Political Dictionary ’90 – ’92”

At the University of Tetova was promoted the book “Berisha’s Political Dictionary ’90 – ’92”

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At the University of Tetova, today was promoted the book “Berisha’s Political Dictionary ’90 – ’92” by Alfred Lela. The book in its entirety deals with the political communication of Sali Berisha, who for many years has dominated the political scene in Albania, as former president and former prime minister of Albania for two mandates, by analyzing how is set his language from that of an engaged intellectual in the political leadership of the Albanian state for several mandates and many years.
In front of the students and professors of the study programs of Law and Journalism of the Faculty of Law of the University of Tetova, the author of the book said that the question with which the book deals and confirms is: has the political communication of Sali Berisha been a rightist’s one in the period of 90 – 92? “For reasons that are obvious and inevitable, is the place that Mr. Sali Berisha has in political history, in the history of post-communist Albania, after the 90s, since December movement until in 2013, when he resigned from the party (but, as he said, not from politics, because even today he continues to be an active politician). Berisha was a leader in communication and consequently inevitable. If you are going to study an Albanian political leader, of course, the one that comes to you mind is Sali Berisha, if not the first, the second for sure. The first particular thing I would say is the pathos in Mr. Berisha’s communication, a kind of physical energy that he has, which he has formulated in the rhetoric also. These are things that are apparent, but I wanted more to reveal than to expose what is already obvious. I wanted to find out whether Sali Berisha speaks as a rightist and this was the reason that led me to this study, towards this book” – said Alfred Lela.
Analyst and Head of Department of Journalism at the University of Tirana, Mark Marku, the book devoted to the political vocabulary of Mr. Sali Berisha, considered it as a very important book because it deals with political communication and analysis of political discourse. “Such books are needed a lot. Practically, there are communication works, but they are not books yet, that in some way determine the direction of communication studies. I think it is very important for us to begin to study the discourse of political actors, because basically, analyzing the discourse and monitoring their discourse we have reached to the core of politics, because the essence of politics is the word and the word as a political action, in this sense the book is very important. The importance is great because it deals with a very important Albanian political character, such as Mr. Sali Berisha is, it deals with an interesting stage of this character namely the transition phase 90 – 92, when his political discourse in the discourse of an engaged intellectual in the strong influence of communist propaganda passes into a discourse of a politician of pluralism, of the democratic system and this as a phenomenon is very important. So, the idea is that a person within a very short time, within two years passes from the intellectual field to the political field and therefore makes a transition from an ideological field, such as the left-wing in the other ideological field such as the right-wing and all this is accomplished through the discourse. This is the uniqueness of this book” – said Mark Marku.
While the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Tirana, Professor Agron Gjekmarkaj, considered the book absolutely as a novelty in communication studies and political discourse in Albanian premises. “It is the first book of its kind, a book that can serve many of those who have as their first choice the coexistence with politics and political discourse. It may be very interesting for all journalism students and for all who are politically nurtured every day, to understand how the political discourse of a leader is built, in this case Sali Berisha’s discourse, who is a leader who has dominated the political scene of the Albanian state, but I would say that he has emotionally dominated also in the political scene of Albanians in the Balkan region” –said Agron Gjekmarkaj.
University Professor, lecturer at the Department of Journalism of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Aurora Ndrio – Karameti, said that with this book the author Alfred Lela will be transformed into a model for young researchers who in the future will analyze the political discourse of other politicians. “The book for Sali Berisha is very interesting because with this book we enter in the stage when we as researchers start and analyze, we study the discourses of politicians and bring to light what is wrong and what is right with them, what is their ideology and what they proclaim and in this way we have the opportunity, together with the public, to create our own opinions about how politicians are really politicians and they are not just people who want to do such an activity of dealing with politics, but are people who have the necessary intellectual maturity expressed in their political discourse. So there is a great need to analyze the political discourse of politicians and the author of this book, Mr. Alfred has done it in the best way”- said Prof. Dr. Aurora Ndrio – Karameti.
The author Mr. Alfred Lela is the founder of Politko.al and a political commentator on Top Channel Television. In 2012 he has been awarded the prize “Teodor Keko” in journalism, while in 2013 he published the book “Secilit Shqipërinë e tij” (UET Press), by winning the “At Zef Pllumi” award in publishing in 2014. He has been also a Director of the MAPO publications, and under the same logo worked as an editor in chief of MAPO Magazine and vice-editor in chief of MAPO Newspaper.