At the University of Tetova was promoted the book “Sovereignty versus Integrity” – Behind the scenes of dialogue and challenges of reconciliation between Kosovo-Serbia 2005 to 2020), by the author Arben Çejku, former Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in North Macedonia.
In this promotion, on behalf of the University of Tetova, to the participants with welcoming speech addressed the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili. He thanked the Ambassador Arben Çejku, for choosing our university to promote his latest work. He further said that Ambassador Çejku is a special friend of the university, with whom we have developed a successful cooperation in intensification and strengthening inter-institutional relations with universities and other scientific institutions from the Republic of Albania. “The former ambassador of our country, Arben Çejku has given a valuable diplomatic contribution, in approaching the people of the region closer, especially in promoting and recognizing the cultures between them. The national movements of the Albanian people for freedom are remembered among us as one of the greatest historical events, and in our national history have remained glorious epopee, in terms of the proportions of the organization, the suffering and the sacrifices made. From the stories of our history we learn that the movements of Albanians for liberation from foreign invaders are early, while their epilogue has been the negotiating table. There has been a lot of talk about the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, also have been made, various analyzes experts, politicians and well-known diplomats, local and international, have been involved, but the background scenes of these talks for a period of 15 years are addressed in this important work that we promote today “, said the Rector Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili.
For the book of Ambassador Çejku, their evaluations were given by the university professors, Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela, Prof. Dr. Teuta Arifi and Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi. According to Professor Ylber Sela, this book focuses on Kosovo’s battle for independence and sovereignty. “This book comes at appropriate, quite convenient time, because the circumstances are still unclear how this issue will continue and some things that have stalled, that normally require solutions. Therefore, the author through the book, he gives a great help not only to the reader, but also to those who make politics and especially Kosovar diplomacy. The author in this book brings us facts, data, so interesting reactions and commitments, so detailed, so carefully sifted by inserting the reader inside diplomatic circles, diplomatic discussion, and statements of political leaders in the domestic and foreign political cauldron “, said among others Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela.

While Prof. Dr. Teuta Arifi associated it with one of the works of Dante Aligieri, who according to her, in one of his meditative works says that the darkest place in hell is reserved for those who consider themselves neutral in times of deep crisis. “In fact, the beginnings explained by the honorable author, our friend, Ambassador Arben Çejku, is exactly the beginning of a journey of Kosovo based exactly on the fact that European countries, when the international community decided not to keep itself neutral at the time of crisis. The explanation given by the author is that the international intervention regarding the beginning of this journey today, which the new state of Kosovo has, is not based on the great interests that the international forces would have there, but mainly on a decision which was related to the values of the European Union, to the Western values, to the values of democracy, which initially respected the main human right, the right of having life “, added among others things, Teuta Arifi.

Whereas Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi said that the work that is promoted today is undoubtedly a serious contribution not only in the Albanian space but also in the regional. “A serious contribution also in thoughts and data that derive from the book which find their implementation exactly nowadays, of many regional uncertainties and dilemmas for the future in geopolitical aspect. Expectations from the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue were high at the beginning, albeit with a dose of skepticism. Ambassador Çejku follows this line. These expectations from the beginning of the technical agreements in Brussels, in many aspects that were and remained unclear and eventually without logic and without perspective for implementation in the area, that finds the reflection during all the time of this line that the author follows with this book. The book of the Ambassador Çejku will remain known as one of the first works that targets a greater absurdity of this dialogue, respectively the proposal to create a community of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo or known as the association that is contrary with a logic of consensual democracy, or models of separation of powers “, said Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi.

The author of the book, Ambassador Arben Cejku, in front of the audience where were many personalities of academic, political and social life were present, such as the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, Vice-Rector for Education, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, General Secretary, Adem Beadini, the President of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, First Deputy Prime Minister, Artan Grubi, professors and students, said that for sovereignty, integrity and dialogue it cannot be spoken of anywhere better than at the University of Tetova. “We have here the book in two words – three words, sovereignty, integrity, dialogue. Where better than here we can talk about sovereignty, integrity and dialogue. I want to translate it here in the Republic of North Macedonia because we talked about Kosovo, once again there. Here, in the country where you are the factor of stability, the factor of peace, the factor of sovereignty of North Macedonia and the role you play here is very important to understand this book, or to understand this message. I came here and I have chosen to come here, and I am grateful to the University of Tetova for giving me the opportunity to bring some messages and not just to promote a book, which today in the digital age can be promoted in any form. But, I came with some messages as a former ambassador, who served here, I had the honor to represent Albania and to cooperate with all of you, so as not to be discouraged by the dialogue and what you have done so far in the positions you have had, whether as Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, or as the leader of the Albanians of North Macedonia, Ahmeti, and in all positions you have. Here, at this university I have given some other messages that sometimes I have been misunderstood and even taken as a party militant, in fact I have been away from Macedonia for ten years and I no longer have the hand and power to determine the political powers, but I have in my hand to say that the political parties must join in a vision for the interest of this country, for the interest of the Albanians of North Macedonia “, said Arben Çejku.

 He, further in his speech added that only by joining with each other and not by dispersing in political squads, you can better realize the vital ambitions and interests of this country and this people that are integration. “And where we would be if the leadership of the leader Ahmeti did not have patience to develop dialogue and to compromise with Greece. What did gain the North Macedonia and what did gain Greece, which prolonged the dialogue and found a solution until they came to the Prespa Agreement? Nothing but, just waste of energy and delays. Are we calmer today when we see that the flames of war are approaching the Balkan region and we say North Macedonia is safe because it is in NATO, and precisely to achieve something that once seemed empty rhetoric, a political commitment, an electoral commitment, today we are calm and safe, because this country is safe in the NATO family, so the credit and appreciation is for all of you who have contributed to this Euro-Atlantic vision that you have had and that keep having it. Today, North Macedonia is in another challenge of dialogue with the neighboring country, with a friendly country of Albania such as Bulgaria. Are there capacities for dialogue? Of course there is. Is there a will? Of course there is. Does it have experience? Definitely has. Then, all together and especially the Albanian factor must play its role with Bulgaria, as it played with Greece. I am a witness, of informal meetings initiated by the President of DUI, Ahmeti with the ministers of the previous cabinet Gruevski, in very warm, very useful meetings with Greece, at a time when certain officials were not admitted to Political Athens, the Albanian politicians of the Republic of North Macedonia were there to talk about the sovereignty, integrity and future of North Macedonia and today North Macedonia is a member of NATO and will soon be a member of the European Union, precisely for the role and contribution you give. Of course, in politics and diplomacy it is not like in other fields with public investments “, said Arben Çejku, among others.
The promotion of the book of the former ambassador Arben Çejku was concluded with an artistic point by the professors of the Faculty of Arts, Nita Lumani Zenuni and Shkëlzen Baftiari.