//UT holds the International Congress of Natural, Health and Technological Sciences

UT holds the International Congress of Natural, Health and Technological Sciences

2019-05-20T10:35:35+00:00 May 17, 2019|
At the University of Tetova, in the presence of many scholars from the country, the region and the world, the International Congress of Natural, Health and Technological sciences began its work. Within this congress, from 15 to 17 May 2019, five international scientific conferences, organized by five different academic units of our University, will be held.
The Faculty of Physical Culture, in the framework of this congress organizes the sixth International Scientific Conference; The Faculty of Applied Sciences holds the fifth international scientific conference; The Faculty of Medical Sciences is organizing the fourth international scientific conference; The Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences holds the third International Conference and the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition organizes the first international scientific conference.
At the official opening of the works of this congress, the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, said that this congress offers a valuable opportunity for all relevant experts of the respective field, to discuss and analyze among themselves experiences, research and new scientific contributions. “Today, we all have the pleasure of being part of a success marked by our faculties, our universities, co-organizers of the International Congress of Natural Sciences, Health and Technology. Today’s congress will promote the new issues of the scientific journals of the five faculties, with 291 scientific papers of about 500 co-authors, well-known scholars, scientific researchers from the country and the region, who have contributed to the advancement of science, new contributions and overcoming the problems that pose a challenge to the sciences of medicine, physical culture, applied sciences, natural sciences and the sciences of food technology and nutrition. We assess that these activities are of particular importance to the academic community as they enable the exchange of ideas, the acquisition of multiple knowledge, the creation of links and friendships of local and foreign scholars. The University of Tetova feels honored today that it is host to this scientific congress, as I assure you that in the future we will continue to work with dignity, dedication, and professionalism in all academic, cultural and human processes “, said the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.
The Rector of the University of Medicine in Tirana, Prof. Dr. Arben Gjata, considered this congress as a highly successful scientific activity for the fact that besides presenting very important scientific works from natural, health and technological sciences, scholars will share their experiences and encourage very productive debates that will be of interest to students. “These meetings are the way we can overcome the difficulties we have, because here we have a large number of well-cultured people, who today not only work in the most important health institutions, not only in the countries of the region but even in the Western world; an important intellectual diaspora, and the universities must make the utmost effort to cooperate with this elite of society, to exchange good scientific experiences among themselves, trainings and continuous formation, and I believe this is the right path.
I believe that the University of Tetova and we as the University of Medicine in Tirana are open to cooperation with these people and continue to pursue this path of cooperation, in order for our universities, our students to be formed as professionals and as worthy citizens of our countries, “said Prof. Dr. Arben Gjata.
Whereas, the Rector of the University of Elbasan “Aleksander Xhuvani”, Prof. Dr. Skënder Topi, highly appreciated the organization of this congress. As he said, words are scarce for this event if we look at the program of this scientific event which involves the organization of five different international scientific conferences and within the campus of the university has gathered scientific eminent individuals from different countries of the world. “Words are scarce when you look at the agenda of this congress; to organize five scientific conferences on different days and a joint opening like this today is impressive. Among us there are hundreds of scholars of various fields and hundreds of works will be presented during the conference, imagine how much effort and dedication; certainly for this great organization I would thank on my behalf and on that of the University of Elbasan, the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti and this time I would also thank the Rector’s staff, who have done a wonderful job. This is a great day for the University of Tetova because many important academic institutions are involved in this event and this is a great impetus for our inter-institutional cooperation “, emphasized Prof. Dr. Skënder Topi.
This scientific event was also greeted by the Prof. Dr. Luigi Santacroce, President of the Nursing Degree course, from Bari of Italy.
At the solemn opening of this congress was held a professional lecture on research methods in multidisciplinary projects, with particular emphasis on projects made for industry, public actors and other research projects, by Prof. Dr. Arianit Kurti, lecturer at Linnaeus University of Sweden.