//At UT was held the Concert of the Chamber Orchestra

At UT was held the Concert of the Chamber Orchestra

2019-12-26T14:56:59+00:00 December 18, 2019|
At the University of Tetova on December 24, 2019, was held a concert of the “Chamber Orchestra of Young Archers”consisting of students from the Faculty of Arts – study program of the Musical Art led by Prof. Ord. Blerim Grubi. On this occasion he emphasized that this concert is an authentic product of the University of Tetova, bringing the students up here, and the rest is up to the competent people to arrange them, to be employed, in the future to be our artists, our stars, with whom we will be proud. “They need support, because as we can see, the youth is desperate and fleeing from here. We have to be very prepared in this regard, to work with young people, as youth is above all, and that is why we did the concert. I wanted to do it in other places as well, such as Struga, Kumanovo and Debar, but we will do it in the future. It is a positive thing because these will be graduated artists and I baptized them under the name “Chamber Orchestra of Young Archers” as in the future they will have new projects, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the municipality and other cities. The desire is for them to be transformed into a new institution, an arch institution, a new orchestra, and why not later to develop and expand into a philharmonic. Art needs us, art is very important for the revival of culture, especially among us Albanians, as we did not have many opportunities”,- said Prof. Ord. Blerim Grubi. The concert repertoire consisted of 12 songs, orchestrated by Tomor Berisha and Desar Sulejmani, ranging from popular interpretations to international hits. At the conclusion of the concert, Prof. Ord. Blerim Grubi congratulated the participants for the New Year, hoping that the artists will be further supported in the future, as they are the most worthy ambassadors of the country.