University of Tetova today with solemn academy marked March 7th, Teachers’ Day and Albanian School Day, known as the Teacher’s Day. In this academy, were present Rector of University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, vice-rectors, senators, deans, professors and students.

On behalf of the University of Tetova and the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, to the participants a welcoming speech addressed the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Prof. Dr. Fatbi Osmani, who said that the University of Tetova continuously marks important national and international dates. “Today we mark our nationwide major and very important holiday – Teachers’ Day. Albanian teachers, since the Middle Ages and after, dedicated themselves to the younger generations of the nation, worked for the Albanian language and school, by passing this long and difficult journey with great hardships by dealing with all kinds of endless pressures and sacrifices. Let’s remember that this temple of knowledge-University of Tetova was also founded with many sacrifices. It was founded by the people and in the service of the people. Around this temple blew strong winds, but the oak remained unbending and not only did not fluctuate, but became even more powerful” – said Prof. Dr. Fadbi Osmani.

The main lecture in honor of this important day for Albanians was presented by Afërdita Iljazi, MA. She said that the roots of our national education can be found since antiquity, however, in the history of the development of Albanian schools and our national education as the starting point is taken the School of Korça, which started to function on this day of 1887 with her teacher and headmaster Pandeli Sotiri. “Today, March 7th, Teacher s ‘ Day is marked as a cultural event in all our lands. On this day, we all remember our first teachers, who taught us the letters, taught us how to love and respect our homeland. They acquainted us with the beautiful poems of our wonderful authors whose words and verses were deeply embedded in our minds. We admire them for the love and respect, for the way they behave with us, teach and criticize us, with kindness when we made mistakes” – said Afërdita Iljazi, MA.

This academy was closed with an artistic program prepared by the students of the Faculty of Arts and students of the Faculty of Philology.